In our time on the island we have been a lot of places and seen almost everything there is to see and do!
Here are some I think are worth seeing, maybe more than once :)

Grand Anse - duh. read all about it here.
Conch Shell Graveyard - read about it here, but make sure you read this one too!
Magazine Beach - there are so many posts about this one, its a favorite see them all here.
St. George's - my first trip here, and a few others here and here.
Fort George - here
Fort Frederick - here
La Sagesse - I've been 4 times read about them all here
Grand Etang - one of my favorites! been 6 times!  here and  here
Anandale Falls - here.
Mount Carmel Falls - first time here & again here
Pearls Airport - abandoned airport with Cuban planes here
Levera Beach - here for the beach and here to see the turtles lay eggs!
Bathway Beach - here
Belmont Estate (chocolate plantation) and Rivers Rum Distillery - both are  here
Le Phare Bleu - here
Underwater Sculpture Parkhere
Snorkeling at Happy Hill - here
Fish Friday - I've been 3 times, but apparently I've only liked it enough to blog about it once here
Dolphin Watching Tour - here 
River Tubing - here
Carriacou - amazing! here
Hashing! - everyone in Grenada should go on at least one hash read about them here and here. 

Around the Island in a Reggae Bus - Carib's Leap, Sauteurs, & Grenville here.
Around the Island picking fruithere
Around the Island with the SOs - oops. didn't blog about it! I need to go back in time and do that b/c it was a great trip!

CARNIVAL! - we only went to the Fancy Parade, but it was crazy enough for me read about it here.

I also attempted to write out the Reggae Bus routes because I was never able to find this information online.  You can find it here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am visiting a friend at sgu and they told me about conch shell graveyard, but when I tried to find it everything was fenced off. Is there another way to get there?


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