Saturday, March 26, 2011

Conch Shell Graveyard...

out the back gate of campus, down a dirt road along the airport runway, you can find a nearly private beach, except for the half dozen fishermen who hang out there.
since the said fishermen hang out there, they also dump the thousands of conch sells they harvest for the lambie (the meat inside the conch, which I've actually tasted!)
to get the lambie out they have to kind of surprise the conch and stab a small whole through the shell, kill it, and it slides out. other wise it would tense up and never come out of the shell.

there are literally thousands of shells lining the shore and many more IN the water, but it was too cloudy and rough to snorkel the most recent time I went.
The first time I went my friend Alfonso showed me where it was, the 2nd time I took my in-laws over Christmas, and most recently I took Amber and her Dad who was visiting. 
It's a place not many tourists get to go
and it's a little bit illegal to take conch shells out of the country because I've heard that Grenada does not abide my international fishing laws and the fishing season for conch. 
They aren't so much for environmentalism or preservation around here.  :/

In any case, it means thousands of shells for me to chose from!
now to sneak these back to America...

 the ones on the shore have been weathered by the sun and water so they are mostly bleached out, which I think can be quite beautiful as well.

they turn a little green in the sea-slime

my finds from this week!! love how pink they are!!

anyone want to come shell hunting with me??


Kensi said...

It's too bad that Grenada doesn't follow the rules, but it's good for shell hunters! When we went home last May I took 17 conchs home and did receive some issues, but the immigration officer in PR said if you take less than 10 it's okay..haha!

Marisa said...

How do you "surprise" a conch!? That's like in Finding Nemo - "for being a clown fish, you're not very funny."

Sarah said...

Kelsey, those are gorgeous! I definitely need to go conch shell hunting one of these days. Great post! Also, I love reading your design blog. You have some amazing ideas and inspiration. said...

Ahhh too much fun!

Stephanie Scurlock said...

Kelsey...I WANT TO GO HERE!!!!!


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