Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Annandale Falls

I'm posting this from the computer lab at SGU... where they still use Internet Explorer from like the year 2000 and the browser doesn't "support some parts of Blogger"  I may experience problems they say...
I'll tell you what problem I'm facing.... no spell checker. what?!  My lack of spelling skills can't be blamed on technology... it is deep rooted in 2nd grade where I received my first [and one of very few] C on a test.  When I won a school-wide spelling bee in 5th grade my family thought I had to of cheated.... and when I won the award for English in 7th grade my teacher announced to the entire school that I couldn't "spell a lick" but I was a great writer.
So basically bare with me. (should I be tying this out in Microsoft Word just incase?)

I'm finally doing a post on Annandale Falls.  I'd been twice before and someone never blogged about it? what is wrong with me?!
Sunday my friend Stephanie invited me to go along with her and her family that was visiting to the falls.  I'd been before and knew the way & somehow I am full of random bits of information about this island so it seems I make a pretty decent tour guide.  who wants to hire me?!
I'm so happy they asked because it was a fun and gorgeous trip.

Upon arriving at the falls we were greated by about 10 people all wanting to sell us something... pictures with the lady with fruit on her head, pictures with baby armadillos, original songs, and probably just souvenirs and spices.
We gave a few dollars to the man with the guitar who sang a sweet little song and called us all by the name of a celebrity named Jennifer.  I got Jennifer Love Hewitt..... surprised a Grenadian man even knows who she is.

It started to rain on our way down to the waterfall, but it is a nice paved path and only takes about 2 minutes to get to the waterfall from the road  (this is the perfect waterfall for someone who doesn't hike) and the rain made everything so green, so shiny, and so beautiful!

We took a super chilly, refreshing swim in the pool, went under the falls, and Steph was brave enough to jump off one of the ledges into the water.  You can jump from REALLY high up.... but it looked like a death sentence to me.

Baby Armadillos!  They're found wild in Grenada... they claim.  I bet they were brought in.

Thank you Stephanie for inviting me a long! so much fun!

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Lorena said...

haha, those little armadillos are so cute! these pics remind me of tobago, very beautiful..




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