Wednesday, January 5, 2011

around the island!

Monday I forced Lee out of the house for some more adventuring.
Lee doesn't like to be without a plan... and I while I always have a "plan" in my head... it doesn't always translate as a plan to him.
My plan was to hop on some Reggae buses and see where we end up!  haha and that's what we did!

We took a university bus down to the Texaco and got a #1 Reggae to St. George's
from St. George's we took a #6 to Grenville (my, 3rd? time there) by way of Grand Etang.
BIG mistake. 
If I could have done it differently we would have taken a #2 to Grenville  instead.  The road through Grand Etang is rough... straight up a mountain on a bus driving way too fast.  Lee got sick.  It really did feel as though we had got off a roller coaster when we got out at Grenville.

Grenville is the 2nd largest town in Grenada.  It's on the east coast, facing the Atlantic so the beach there isn't quite as beautiful.  The town is almost identical to St. George's... fish market, spices, crappy stores selling way too expensive stuff, etc...

 Lee resting in the shade of a church built in 1844...  imagine Grenada in 1844!

 Like every town, Grenville is a big fishing community. 

We walked all around the town and got a smoothie (guava, yum!)  and then discussed where to go next,  I wanted to go Bathaway Beach because I had heard it was cool... but after talking to a bus driver we decided to go to Sauteurs instead.  I think the driver wanted us on his bus (#9), because he was kind of discouraging of Bathaway... told us it was a mile off the main road, which it very well may be, I don't know, and told me to watch my purse when we were there... lol. so we said hey let's go to Sauteurs!  and I'm so glad we made that decision!

Sauteurs is at the very northern tip of Grenada.  It is the place where the native Caribs killed themselves rather than surrendering to the French by jumping off a 100ft cliff!  The ride there was another bumpy, hilly, crazy ride.

The most beautiful part of Sauteurs by far is the view!  You can see several other islands including, Union Island and Carriacou, and several other smaller islands.

After having a picnic and enjoying the view for a while we got on a #5 bus back to St. George's.
We drove through Victoria and Gouyave on the way home. 
The #5 bus is such a beautiful drive!  It's right along the ocean most of the way... and it made us slightly less sick :)

Once in St. George's we went to the grocery for a few things and got a #1 back to Maurice Bishop Hwy and walked the rest of the way home...
It was a LONG day. 
Which is why I went to sleep at 7pm that night.

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Kensi said...

Looks like so much fun! Sorry you guys were sick on the bus!


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