Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reggae Bus Routes

I have looked all over the internet for a proper list of where the Reggae buses in Grenada go to no avail.... so I took matters into my own hands and compiled a list myself!

Downtown St. George's there is a large bus terminal where you can catch a bus to pretty much anywhere on the island except for the north eastern side.  If you want to go north of Grenville and east of Sauteurs you'll need to take a #2 or #6 to Grenville and catch a bus from the bus terminal in Grenville. 
Now some buses of the same number go different places, so you'll have to read the top right corner of the bus to be sure.

1. St. George's - Grand Anse - Calliste
2. Grenville via Westerhall -or- Springs, Woburn
3. Richmond Hill, Morne Jaloux,
4. St. Paul's, Perdmontemps, Beaton, Vincennes
5. Grand Roy, Gouyave, Victoria
6. Grenville via Grand Etang
7. River Road, Tempe, Mt. Parnassus -or- River Road, Mt. Gay, La Mode -or- River Road, Beaulieu, Boca, Vendomme -or- Annandale, New Hampshire, Willis (#7 goes everywhere!)
8. Cherry Hill, Fontenoy, Happy Hill

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