Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Hashing!

I did my 6th hash yesterday and realized that I've only blogged about 1 hash - my first!  Weird!
They are all so different and worth being talked about. silly me.
read more about hashing in Grenada  here.

I'll just focus on the last two, those freshest in my mind  #694 and #701.
Before 5th term started Lee and I got to do a hash together!  Probably his first and only hash experience in Grenada.  But it was a fun one!
It was in St. David's near the government housing scheme that I took clothes and food to with All 4 Christ last year.  It was a beautiful hike through streams, mountains, and jungle.... and there was a DOWNPOUR and we got completely soaked, which made the ride home a little uncomfortable and smelly. haha

lots of people in Grenada love to hash!
the best part about hashing is that no matter how tired you are after climbing  mountain and no matter where you are in Grenada you can see the ocean from the top!
follow the paper trail!
I made friends with a 3-legged dog

These are pictures I got off of the resident hash photographer on facebook :)

Lee and I deep in the jungle!

 Hash #701 took place last night and was one of the most beautiful hashes I've been on as of yet... but also one of the longest!  We were "hashing" for well over 2 hours.
It was located on the north eastern side of the island, near Belmont Estates in what I'd call "farm land".  We saw SO many fruit trees and cocoa growing... as well as lots of other interesting bits too.

My status last night said :
Went on a hash tonight with Chris, Emily , and Jessie... I picked up avocados from the ground, hit my head on a cocoa pod, then Chris tripped on a coconut, Eden danced in the street with some locals, I found pieces of broken tiles, saw a man burning tuxedos in the middle of the jungle (super suspicious), scaled down a hill holding onto a rope, and emerged from the jungle in the dark to the sounds of Justin Bieber. interesting night.
 Haha! It was so crazy and so much fun!

I loved all the bamboo in the area, so pretty!
these pictures were stolen from Becky.... I should be getting my camera soon though!
the super weird man burning tuxedos in the middle of the Grenadian jungle....... why anyone here would ever burn clothes in beyond me unless there is something strange going on... I didn't stop to ask questions.
Cocoa that I hit my head on! haha only in Grenada!

Who wants to hash with me next week?!


Crystal said...

The tuxedo thing IS weird! Why wouldn't someone just donate the clothes to people that need them? Maybe he just fought a big group of well-dressed vampires? Or is sabotaging a wedding?

Marisa said...

The hash we did was STEEP. Like, pulling ourselves up the mountain on roots, steep. And lowering ourselves down the other side holding onto the roots, steep. It was fun though!

Emily Joyce said...

I'm guessing hashing is hiking?

The tuxedo thing is super weird...the only reason I could think of for burning clothing in the middle of the jungle would be to destroy some sort of evidence, and that's just scary. Probably a good thing you didn't ask him about it!


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