Saturday, February 26, 2011

200th post!!

Happy 200th post to me!

It has been raining every single day this week. this month. this year actually.
It's supposed to be the dry season!!
Last year it was so unbelievably dry we were praying for rain so we could flush our toilets and do laundry... now I'm praying the rain will stop!!

In case I haven't mentioned it... MY MOM IS COMING TO VISIT!!! IN 10 DAYS!!!
I'm so excited!! but it better NOT rain!

Things are going good here.  Volunteering is going well with almost enough volunteers... no one has appeared that may possibly be able to take over for me when I leave, which is troubling.  I don't want the programs to fall to the wayside because there isn't anyone passionate about them.... :/

The basket business is booming, a little too much for my liking.  Lee actually had to go to the grocery store twice this week. hahaha I sent my 4th term (hardest most crazy term here) to the store because I was too busy.  Grocery shopping here is a process. two bus exchanges. never knowing what they may have in stock. etc. (complain is my middle name)
My skin condition has cleared up! in only 1 month and not the 3 months the Dr. said it would take! praise the Lord.
I successfully beat a cold this week.  Fluids, vitamins, and sleep!
Babysitting is keeping me on my toes as well.  But I love spending time with Oliver and learning about little boys :)   Which - Lee and I finally agreed on 2 names for future children! hahaha not that we'll be having children any time soon, it was a fun conversation going through every name in both of our families though.
Church is keeping both Lee and I busy.  Lee has a lot to do with the emails and planning and doing music, AND in two weeks he will be preaching!!! ah!  His first time ever doing anything like that.  So that is taking up a lot of his time as well.  Last night they started an Alpha course.  It's like an introduction to Christianity and we had 40 people sign up!  I made the desserts.  And it's my job to buy and set out cookies for after church on Sunday mornings (whoa I know asking a lot of me there :)

We did manage to spend a good amount of time together last weekend.  We went out to eat TWICE. which is more than we've done this entire year. lol.  We went to Umbrellas (hamburgers and fries on the beach) and to the Flag Restaurant down on the Carenage.  It was great, but expensive!  It was our Valanetine's Date. It's the Chinese lady who sells food on campus' restaurant.  We'll probably just stick to getting her food there from now on because it is delicious and so much cheaper.

Photo review of the past week

hiking & water sliding at Mt. Carmel with the SOs
Cooper! :)


Amanda said...

Happy 200th post! You guys are SO busy, don't let your time fly by too fast! Excited Mom gets to come visit, I know she's excited too! Love you.

Lea Liz said...

Happy 200th Post!!! Love the new blog look, looks great!! How exciting that your mom is coming to visit!!!

Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

Yay for your 200th post! I love your pictures! I really hope someone steps up to run the programs when you leave. I am looking forward to working with the kids!


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