Saturday, May 7, 2016

36 weeks

36 weeks and getting anxious.
I'm feeling equally as anxious to have this baby as I am to not have this baby yet. It's weird.

At my appointment Monday, 35 weeks 1 day, the midwife thought I was measuring a little big.  At my 33 weeks appointment I was measuring right on track at 33 and then at the 35 week I was measuring 37 (I know, I know, it can be off and I did see two different people) but still she scheduled me an ultrasound for next week to get an idea of how big baby boy is.  I've heard this things can be off by as much as 2 lbs so I'm not expecting a lot, but I am SO excited to see baby boy since I haven't since 19 weeks!!
At this appointment I was also checked for the Group B Strep (which was negative!) and so she asked if I'd like to also have a cervical check... you know, while we were at it.... and being the impatient anxious one that I am I said yes and she was pretty surprised to find that I was dilated about 1cm and 70% effaced.  She said my cervix was very soft and ready... and that it was pretty likely I'm looking at another 37-38 week baby! AHHHHH

I was initially very excited.  Sooner to meet baby and sooner to not be pregnant you know... but then the more I've been thinking about it the more nervous I'm getting that he'll come too early!  I obviously want a healthy baby first and foremost. Every twinge and pain I've had I've been like oooo no little one stay put.

I have been having a lot of pressure and pains lately.  I think a few contractions here and there too, but it's sorta hard to say, even though I'm not new to this whole pregnancy thing.

In addition, I don't want him to come yet because it's just really not the ideal time. The first week of June was going to be perfect. Lee has vacation and my mom can come.
If he decides to come now it'll be weeks before my mom can come due to my dad falling out of a tree and breaking his leg and needing her to take care of him and their farm. Lee is on a couple weeks of busy rotations, which we thought was smart to fit in some hard stuff before baby comes so that he can do an easier rotation in June...
And on top of that my backup plan to my mom, the lady who runs the nursery at church (and our friend) is going to have family in and is going to Disney when I'm 37-38 weeks. We do have back-up-back-ups, but I'm wondering how many we need! ahhhhhhhh again.

Anyway, babies come when the come, right?

I'm pretty much ready in every other sense.
The house is cleanish.  Lee cleaned the carpets for me this week, which was one of the main things I wanted done.  The baby's space is all set up.  Our bags are packed.  I have a couple things in the freezer to eat.  I have about a dozen "busy bags" made up for Leo.  I wrapped a gift for Leo from baby brother.  I cleaned out the car (car seat not yet installed but we have a better idea what we're doing this time around I guess. haha).  I even put a mattress pad on the bed in case my water breaks in the middle of the night like with Leo!  I feel so accomplished.

The only major thing I have left to do is get a pedicure!! Nice huh?
I'm gifting it to myself for mother's day.  Lee is post-call on Thursday so the plan is go get one then and hope it stays nice and fresh until baby gets here!

Last Sunday the women from my church had a beautiful baby shower for me!  It was so nice!  I wasn't expecting a shower this time at all with it being baby boy #2 and all so it was such a sweet surprise!  The decorations were beautiful, the food was great, and baby boy got lots of cute little outfits and diapers!  I *think* we're set for diapers for a while until baby boy can start wearing cloth!  But who knows, he might be a little chunk right off the bat and they'll fit him better than they fit long and lean Leo.

My friend Alex is expecting in September!! So excited to have babies together! 

Baby shower! 

How far along: 36 weeks
Total weight gain:  32lbs
Maternity clothes: yes and no.
Stretch marks: no
Best moment of this week: getting the carpet cleaned. haha. I'm such an old lady.
Movement: yep, and I'm able to tell which parts of him he's moving, which is fun.
Food cravings: Not, not really.
Anything making you queasy or sick: no
Have you started to show yet: uh yeah. 

Gender:  B-0-Y!
Labor signs: maybe? see above! ah!
Belly button in or out: It's just really flat now.
Wedding rings on or off: on, which reminds me that I really want to take them off but I'm going to need some lubrication. lol
Happy or moody most of the time:  anxious and nervous for sure!
Looking forward to: my ultrasound Tuesday and seeing my little guy! 

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