Sunday, August 14, 2011


Last week Grenada held their annual Carnival celebrations.
Jou'vet during the wee hours of Monday morning was a time of partying, covering your body in paint and oil, and probably just general craziness.  We didn't participate but I've seen tons of pictures & the paint splattered streets.
Monday night was another parade. I forget what it's called.. something Mas, it was a lot of music and more celebrating.
Tuesday afternoon was Fancy Mas, the traditional costumes and parade.  I was so excited to go and experience my first (and probably last) Grenada Carnival!
and it was an experience to say the LEAST!

The costumes were beautiful and fun and the people were insane.  I've never experienced anything quite like it... not in broad daylight. I saw so much skin, so much "wining" -which I found out is a word for basically having sex with your clothes on while appearing to be dancing..... yea..... that I could slightly handle/ignore, but what really pained me was the little girls they were encouraging to dance like this.  4 and 5 year olds dancing like girls in a rap video (do I sound super old & white when I say that? haha)
Lee and I were a tad uncomfortable and didn't know quite where to look. and it was 900 degrees.  But I am happy we went and  got to experience it first hand!

Thanks to my friend Allison for these awesome pictures!! I will try my hardest not to be jealous of her camera..... :/ haha 

Glitter in the streets :) 


Michelle Paige said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog.

Amber said...

Kelsey I love that glitter picture SO MUCH! Can you please enter it in some contests or something? Carnival looks like it was just as crazy as last year. I can't believe you guys found soft serve! Jealous!


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