Sunday, March 20, 2011

people say we monkey around....

Monday my friends Amber and Josh took Mom and I up to Grand Etang.  The rain forest/jungle of Grenada!
It is so beautiful there.  & 1900 ft above sea level there is a relief from the blazing heat.
we went in search of the Mona Monkeys that were brought to Grenada from Africa years ago and have now made their home amongst the banana trees and tourists.
We waved our bananas, shook our candy (they like mints?), and made our version of monkey calls... which sounded kinda like "here monk monk monkeeeeeeeeeeeee" and various monkey sounds to no avail. the monkeys didn't want to play.
When we were about to give up a taxi driver with two American tourists arrived.  He pulled up blasting his horn and yelling, it really annoyed me.  I was like he's scaring off the monkeys!!!
I was wrong.  seconds later 3 little furry friends came clamoring out of the jungle for their breakfast.

It was such a great morning and Mom and I both pet the wild monkeys for the first time!

 we are here.

that is the taxi driver / monkey caller :)

Thanks for such a great day Amber & Josh!


TriGirl said...

Stopping by from Comment Love. My parents just got back from vacation and have pictures with monkeys as well--so cute!

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! You are so adorable! Beautiful family :)

Heather M said...

Kelsey, you are beautiful and your soo lucky to be living in such a beautiful place!! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my blog!! People who have enough time to leave anonymous comments to correct your spelling have way to much time on there hands GEEEZZZZ!!!! Im so excited to follow you on your adventures!! <3

Marisa said...

Cute pictures! When I went to Grand Etang, I would not go within 20 feet of the monkeys! Have you ever been on the whole hike up to the very top?


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