Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hiking through Grand Etang

you'd think that being sick for a week I'd have tons of blog updates... I mean I really had nothing else to do, but blog, but I didn't.  Every time I wanted to, I just felt too tired... like blogging takes a ton of energy? I don't know... anyway... I have lots to update about!  I just spent the previous week living a fabulous Grenadian vacation! and I want to talk about all the cool things we did... starting with going to Grand Etang!

Last Thursday, we went down to St. George's and caught the #6 bus to Grand Etang... $6EC per person... much less than a taxi.  Lee even skipped school for this event!!! for the first time ever!! haha
So we pile into the reggae bus and the guy just keeps adding people... so Lee and I end up sharing on of the fold out seats, about 12 inches wide. seriously. My body was turned completely sideways and I was pressed up against the window... even so we headed off into the mountains!
and when I say mountains, I mean actual mountains. We drove up to the highest drive-able point in Grenada, 1910ft above sea level... up winding, steep roads.  Several times the wheels squealed going around corners and I was convinced we were going to tip over and roll off the mountain... and my life would surely be over because I was protected by nothing but the window!
As you're going up the mountain there is a a very noticeable change in scenery and temperature... it really is a rainforest. while at sea level we are experiencing a horrible drought and there isn't a speck of green grass left... up there things are lush and green (even though I've heard they haven't had much rain there either) but maybe it retains it's greenness because it's so much cooler.  It instantly becomes much more comfortable of a temperature.
We found out once we got there that there was a charge of $5EC or $2US per person to enter the trails and lake area... when we went before with the school it was covered, but whatever... Grenadians have got to make their money somehow and tourists are willing... and it's worth it!
Grand Etang Lake is also where Grenada has been getting a lot of their water during the dry season.  It's a crater lake that sits on top of one of Grenada's extinct volcanoes.
this is the panoramic view I put together...
We hiked around the entire lake! not my idea... but Lee led us down the trail and I followed... but it was fun!  We saw a lot of cool stuff... Grenada's plant life is so interesting to me.... not only do they have palm trees, fruit tress, nut trees, flowering trees, regular trees with big leaves, and huge 300 year old trees... they also have cacti and bamboo growing all over the place.... weird. but I like it. and there are so many beautiful flowers! 
 collage I made on picnik.

once we emerged from the jungle we went up the hill to get a view of the lake

At the top of the hill, where the buses let you off they have lots of little shops set up for souvenirs, snacks, and drinks... and men playing music and making up songs.. and women with fruit on their heads wanting you to pay to take a picture with them. that's the job I want. dressing up and having people pay to take a picture with you....... hmmmm perhaps I can set up shop at Canada's Wonderland this summer while Lee is working ;)  or at least at Niagra Falls... I just need an idea of a getup.

anyway, before we left I was so happy to see some Mono Monkey's come out to see if anyone had any food for them... they weren't as scary to me this time, they were cute. but I still didn't get close.  I was sad to hear that a lot of the monkeys died in hurricane Ivan :(  they weren't actually meant to live here anyways... they were brought over from Africa, but hopefully those little monkeys are busy multiplying!

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Amanda said...

Glad you see you back to normal! :) Hoping the cough is gone, I guess its running rampant in the States as well. Great pics, glad you had a good time w/ family.


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