Sunday, March 7, 2010

Melon-headed whales!!!

Saturday morning about 30 SOs ventured out on a whale/dolphin watching tour... and while we didn't see any dolphins, we all thought we did!  We instead saw melon-headed whales... they look a lot like dolphins swimming through the water, but have well, melon shaped heads instead of snouts like dolphins.  
It was so much fun & I'm so happy I got to go, it was my FIRST time out of a boat in the ocean I realized the day before we went!! I had just never thought about it much until someone asked me if I got sea sick.... and I was like I don't know... I've never been on the sea!!  So thankfully my friend Sarah gave me some dramamine to take just incase & I didn't get sea sick at all :)

Our Boat, the Starwind
Amber & I scouting the seas for some whales!
photo by Sarah Dhillon
awesome picture also from Sarah Dhillon! 
 with the price of the tour drinks and sandwiches were provided... however, if you drink Carib beer you get an entire bottle at a time & if you drink Coke or Sprite you get this miniature cup amount.  I made roughly 100 trips to the bar for all the pop I could drink! lol 
lunch - tuna or cheese spread sandwiches...
the first time around I turned it down
the 2nd  time I was so hungry I ate this and didn't hate it. 

the city of St. George's 

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