Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Houston 7 Months

This past month was a big one for my Houston!
Sleeping thru the night, crawling, eating, saying mama, teeth, clapping, pulling up to standing... he is in hurry to be like his big brother.

I have probably 50 videos on my phone (why I'm always out of storage...) of Houston up on his knees rocking back and for and sitting up and then getting back on his knees and then dropping to his belly - just waiting to catch him crawling and to tell you the truth, I don't know if I ever did actually catch him crawling the first day. I was just like one day he was all over the place crawling in the Christmas tree and from room to room.

We have to keep all our doors shut now.  He loves to get into the bathroom.  He tries to pull up on the toilet (gross!) and the bathtub and Leo's stool.  I guess it's the room where he is the least so he's dying to know whats in there... even though he is seeing a lot more of it these days now that he's eating and requires frequent baths to remove all the food from his body!  He is a mess!
He is doing so much better with eating the past week or so.  It took him a while to figure out swallowing, but now he can do it he loves food.  He likes to feed himself puffs or little chunks and claps or bangs his tray when he wants more!  I'm telling myself the clapping is his way of signing more, but I doubt it.

I am trying to be better about doing sign with him.  I know that was so beneficial for Leo.  Leo could do so many signs and then became such a great talker with a crazy vocabulary which they attribute to early communication.  Leo signed milk at around 9 months for the first time so I still have time to teach Houston.  We've started very basic with milk, food, and more.

So far Houston seems to prefer yogurt, applesauce, apples, banana, sweet potato, puffs, blueberries, strawberries, and oatmeal.  I force him to eat chicken, avocado, broccoli, eggs, etc. My goal this week is to give him peanut butter because they say early exposure is good for allergies but somehow he's already 7+ months and hasn't happened it yet.

The day after Christmas, so just a few days before he turned 7 months my sweet little baby started jabbering ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma and it was just the absolute best! Leo said Dada first, but I knew Houston was going to be a mama's boy ;)  He will also say Baba - which I've told Leo is what Houston calls him lol, and make lots of other sounds, but he doesn't say Dada yet.

The day after he said Mama he also started clapping! I know Leo was at least 7something months old when he clapped (I remember the day and could look up the date if I tried hard enough, it was our friend Joey's show at the Broadway Palm and we took Leo with us and joked that he learned to clap for their show, haha).

Houston got his top two teeth right after turning 7 months and tonight I was looking in his mouth and noticed the next teeth next to his front teeth, what are they called again? well whatever they are, they're swollen and will hopefully be in any day!
Teething however, brings me to nursing... Houston is now sleeping through the night! Yay!  I think I was just complaining about it in his 6 month update and then a couple days later I woke up at about 7:30 and realized Houston hadn't woken up to eat that night!
That same day I switched our bedroom furniture so he could have his own room and it's been pretty smooth since, with the exception of when we had company and he slept in our room in a packnplay. He woke up in the night then, but now we're back to normal he's sleeping well again. Even with the teething.
We're going to Canada in a couple weeks I'm nervous about how he's going to sleep... but that's life, he'll adapt hopefully.

Anyway, nursing - Houston has been going really well and easy... until a couple days ago when I developed what I think was mastitis. I got super sick and it was miserable, but thankfully only lasted like a day or so.  And then on top of that Houston now has top and bottom teeth and he's already bit me a few times. ugh.  misery.

But at least he is insanely adorable right?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Houston 6 Months

Dear my precious darling Houston. I am so sorry you didn't get a 5 month blog post.  I promise this has nothing to do with you being the second child and everything to do with your mom being a scatter brain.
In baby time a month is a lot, and 2 months is a lot a lot!  Poor Houston will never really know what he was doing at 5 months old because his mom didn't write it down.  It's only a foggy memory of some stuff she'll make up.

Anyway, moving on and forgiving myself of that ;)

Houston Charles is now 6 months!!
This month I've been testing out little nicknames for my baby.  I've been randomly calling him Housty.  I don't know.  I also sometimes come up with Hugh Charlie. or just Huey.
Lee prefers to call him Hous-town.
It's pretty fun.
This baby is fun. SO FUN!

His face just shouts I'm fun! He's always smiling and his eyes twinkle. I'm so in love with this sweet little boy. He makes me want 15 more babies.

At 6 months Houston is sitting up completely unassisted and can even push himself up into a seated position.  He did this for the first time while he was laying on the floor of the sanctuary at church while I was decorating for Christmas. I left him laying on a blanket playing with toys and looked over and he was sitting up and had the biggest smile. He was so proud.
He's so close to crawling!! He's doing the rocking on his hands and knees and the downward dog pose.  He's going to get it so soon.

On Thanksgiving he got his first taste of food - sweet potatoes!  He didn't really know what to do with it. He's also had an apple to gnaw on and help him with teething. haha and to keep him occupied during dinner time. I think I'll start avocado tomorrow if they are ripe.

He is getting his two bottom teeth! About a month ahead of Leo I think.

His favorite toys are his crinkle book and sophie giraffe (that was actually Leo's... is it ok to share teething toys? lol) and he loves the jolly jumper thing.

Sleeping......... well he's ok, but he could definitely be better.  He goes to bed between 7-7:30 most nights and sleeps a pretty good stretch but at about 3 or so he'll wake up to eat and I sometimes bring him to bed with me and he'll eat off and on until morning..... I honestly don't really know what happens.  I wake up to reposition him depending on how I fall asleep and make sure he can't fall out of bed.  It's not the best, but it happens a few times a week.  Other nights I put him back in bed and then he wakes up again at like 5 and I feed him and keep him in bed with me then.  It seems like he's always ending up in my bed!
Full disclosure...... he did fall out of bed once and I felt like a terrible mother.
I think Leo fell out once too, but I barely remember.... so soon I'll forget that Houston fell out too, right?

We still need to move our bed out of Houston's room.  I KNOW we'll all sleep better, but our 3rd bedroom (which is actually the master) is FULL of my craft stuff and quite a mess. another full disclosure. ugh.

Ok, other Houston news...
He makes lots of super cute noises. He completely adores his big brother. He is so easy to make laugh. He grabs his toes and it's the most precious thing you've ever seen.

first time in a high chair! 

first food!

first time he sat himself up :) 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lee and I lately

I do updates about the boys but I haven't given an update about Lee and I lately.

Lee is now a 3rd year resident! PGY3! we're in our last 9 months of residency! Whoa it's actually gone quickly, I can't believe it's almost over.  He is the chief resident and is staying pretty busy, but 3rd year over all has been much better than the first two and we have somewhat of a normal schedule.
It is likely that we'll be doing a global health fellowship next year, but there is a ton involved in that and it isn't official yet so I won't even bother going into it. haha.
After that we definitely plan on staying in Ft Myers.  We really love it here and are ready to buy a house and make it our permanent home!

This is Lee's 3rd season to be the doctor for a local high school football team. He's having a lot of fun with that and I can definitely see that being something we continue doing in the future.

We're both staying really busy with stuff at our church.  For the past year I have been the Sunday School teacher for the College and Career age group and after Houston was born Lee joined me to help teach because you know, I spend half the class nursing Houston typically. haha.  We try to get together with our college group a couple times a month outside of church too.
I help with the youth group on Wednesday nights and we are also apart of a parenting class on Sunday nights and attend Bible study every other Monday night! And Lee plays the drums a lot of Sundays and has lead worship several times to fill in for our worship pastor.
We are so thankful for our church and we love the people there.  It really has become like family! It makes me happy to know that Leo and Houston have so many people of all ages that care about them and that they feel comfortable with.  It takes a village they say.  Our church is a big part of our village for sure.

My MOPS group started back up about a month ago.  I'm a table leader again this year, which really doesn't mean a ton, haha.  I just have to be there and facilitate discussion and send out reminders and stuff.  Our first meetings have been really fun.  We also do moms night outs once a month and playdates.  I have made some really good friends at my MOPS group. I think we had 90 women sign up this year so there is never a shortage of someone to meet at the park or to answer a question I have about something in the area! I love that Leo gets to go hang out with friends for a few hours too.  He calls it going to school. haha

A few weeks ago Leo and I joined a gym by our house too! A gym with childcare! It's amazing! I've been going about 4x a week.  A friend and I go to a class MWF (pilates, abs, and Tai box) and I've been running and lifting weights ?! what! Yeah after baby #2 I definitely felt like I need some help in the muscle and strength department.  Lifting weights is actually pretty fun.  I have no idea what I'm doing... but I'm learning. And I can shower at the gym. That alone is worth the $30 a month, right?
Lee has been going before work in the mornings. He's the best.

And finally I reopened my Etsy store a few weeks ago too!
I had missed doing stuff with my hands.  I love crafting... but I don't love the messes I make all over the house. It's been steady these first few weeks. My garland that I make is by far my best seller, I really need to figure one out that I might be able to sell year round.  Everyone loves the pumpkins!
I am really excited though - I'm doing 2 craft shows in November!  I'm slowly working on extra projects in the evenings to build up some stock to have at the shows. I'm also working on using up all the supplies that I already have.  I.have.so.much.craft.stuff.  I'm starting on some Christmas stuff too.  Last year it got hectic for me and I ended up only making 1 Christmas item. Major fail.  I'm determined to do better this year!

So yeah, we're pretty busy, but I love it. I prefer being busy to staying home a lot... and thankfully thus far Leo and Houston either like it too or they at least put up with me!

Houston 4 Months

I found a few minutes to sit down with my actual computer and blog about Houston's 4th month.
Its amazing how little I used a computer these days. I use my phone for everything!
But I'm sure you do too.  You're probably reading this on your phone, huh?

As I start pretty much every single monthly update (and probably will forever) Houston is the SWEETEST baby! Ah that kid is just the kind of baby you can't stop kissing and squeezing.  He has chunked up a bit and his legs are just the absolute perfect size for squeezing and the rolls. And the cheeks.  Ooooooh those cheeks.  They are perfect.

I don't know how much Houston weighs yet.  I'll try to remember to update that when I find out because it is really nice to be able to read back and know little details like that.  Hence why I'm trying to keep up with these monthly posts.  It's fun to read back on Leo's and compare.
All that to say, I don't know how much he weighs, but I know he is a big boy.  He's getting so heavy that I can barely carry him in his carseat anymore! He's wearing size 3 diapers and 9 months clothes!

Even though he's big it hasn't slowed him down from moving!  He loves to scoot himself around and this week began rolling from his back to his belly! The first time he truly got completely flipped over was in the middle of the night so I missed it. And the next time I was in the kitchen and he was in the living room floor so I missed it again!  Still haven't caught it on video yet either.
He'd been sooooo close to rolling for seriously weeks now and I probably have 18 videos on my phone of times I thought was going to be it!

Houston is the smiliest baby I have ever seen.  Seriously he never stops smiling.  He wakes up smiling and smiles at me in the middle of the night.  All you have to do is make eye contact with him and his whole face bursts into a smile.  Ah it makes my heart melt. He smiles when I wink at him, like he knows that the wink is a secret little code between us.  Oh that baby.
He's been laughing out loud too.  He has a deep giggle that sounds like its coming from his toes.
He's so easy to make laugh.  He's ticklish under his chin, on his ribs, his legs, his feet. haha

Funny story, the other day Houston was laying in the floor and Leo was standing on the couch.  I told Leo to get down he was going to fall.  While he was climbing off the couch he sorta fell onto the floor and Houston laugh and laugh and laughed.  It was hilarious. I can only imagine how fun life is going to be as they get older because it is so incredibly fun right now.

Houston is nursing great. Eating about probably 6-7x a day (including middle of the night) He is a very quick nurser. 10 minutes tops. I'm really not looking forward to feeding him real food because I know it won't be as easy.

I won't say that Houston is sleeping great, but it's not what I'd call terrible.  There were a few nights a couple weeks ago that I would definitely call horrible.  I know they say that babies go through a 4 month sleep regression.  I was joking with a friend that my kids are advanced so he went through it at 3 months. ha. But I really do hope that was it and there isn't another one coming up!!
He is currently waking up about twice a night.  He was only waking up once for a long time... but then we had that rough patch once I stopped swaddling him and he still had the startle reflex going on... Now he sleeps in long sleeved footed pjs.

Here's a sample of our daily schedule -

7am Leo wakes (ugh Leo....)
I drag myself out of bed and get like an hour or 2 of one on one time with Leo because Houston likes to sleep in.  We do puzzles, play on the back patio with chalk, draw, build with blocks... 
8:30-9:00 Houston wakes up and I feed him
10:30-11 Feed Houston and he naps for about an hour - usually in his car seat because we are almost always going somewhere in the morning - library, gym, park, shopping, mops, etc.
12:00 - Leo and I eat lunch
1:00 - All 3 of us read books in Leo's bed for nap time.  We read one book to Houston specifically - I try to get Leo to "read" it and then I read 3 books to both of them. Leo naps for 2-3 hours.
1:00-2:00 - Houston and I have one on one time :)
2:00ish - Houston eats and takes an afternoon nap - on a good day it's about 2 hours.
2-3:30ish - usually both boys are sleeping and so I watch a show and craft or pack up something to ship and on rare occasions clean...
4:00 - I don't know we just play.
5:00 feed Houston and start making dinner
5:30-6:30 eat dinner depending on what time Lee can get home
7:15 bedtime! I usually handle Houston while Lee puts Leo to bed.
Then I watch my shows, work on projects, blog (ha yea like once month...) and go to bed around 11 or 12.
somewhere between 2-4 am Houston will wake up to eat and then again about 2-3 hours later.

And then we get up and do it all over again!  I really, truly, deep down inside love being a mom though. I think I'll do a post about stuff that's going on with me soon too, but for now I'll just say I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing and life is good.


caption copied from facebook :) 
Getting ready for bed tonight I said Leo do you know that Houston will be your very best friend someday? And my precious, wise beyond his years 2 year old said - Houston is my best friend now! 😭and my heart melted into a giant puddle.

Houston's first football game! 

Houston's eyes turned a definite brown this month! 

Baby rhyme time! 

This month he started playing in his exersaucer and his jumperoo.  He loves to be standing up! 

And I forgot to mention that Houston has his first trip to Disney this month too!! He was the perfect little baby the entire day and we had so much fun.  I am totally a disney weirdo now.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Houston 3 Months!

Wow Houston's 3rd month totally flew by.  The fastest yet by far!
He turned 2 months in Ohio, then we came home to Florida on the 31st and left a couple hours later on a road trip to North Carolina!
He was amazing on the flight - slept or happily laid in my lap the whole way (Leo too!  They make my life easy - seriously).
We were quite brave taking on a 13 hour road trip with a 2.5 (newlyish potty trained) year old and a 2 month old baby... but that's how we are. hahaha  a little bit crazy. I think we go into things like that with low expectations, but wanting to "teach" them how to handle stuff like that.  They both did great!  We split the trip into 2 days, but due to weather and leaving home at 5pm haha, we didn't make it far the first night so day 2 of the trip was a looooong day of driving.  We split it up by stopping in Savannah at a park to let Leo run wild for a bit - definitely recommend that to anyone traveling with a toddler! (I'll talk more about Leo in his 2 and half year post!)
Houston did as you'd expect a tiny baby to do - slept, cried, ate. repeat.  We have a small car so it wasn't possible to for me to sit in the backseat with them, which definitely would have helped - especially when I was trying to get Houston to take a pacifier with my arm twisted behind me in the most uncomfortable position.  At the end of the 2nd day Houston was OVER the car and cried a lot. It was so sad and frustrating.  We had to stop a lot and calm him down, my poor baby.  He doesn't really like the pacifier so the only thing that'd work was nursing him and hoping he'd fall asleep.
Once we got  to Aunt Amber's though everything was fine and he was back to his happy, content little self and slept great!

We had a great week with Amber, Torrey, and our new 5 month old nephew Theo!
Houston had his first ride on a boat in the ocean, went to an awesome aquarium, and spent lots of time with me lounging on Amber's amazing back deck with the most beautiful back yard and trees. North Carolina is gorgeous!

The ride home was much, much better!  Houston took the pacifier a little bit better which helped tremendously.

The the rest of the month flew by! We were home just hanging out a lot.
We did a Batman and Robin photoshoot, went to the zoo, went swimming a lot (teaching Leo to swim!), and just enjoyed this happy little baby of ours!

Houston is playing with toys a lot more - batting on the things hanging above his play mat.  He listens intently when Leo talks to him and it's so precious.
He's laughing out loud and smiling all day long.

He loves his swing, the playmat, and sitting up on the couch with us and listening to books or watching Leo play.

His longest stretch of sleep is still about 7 hours, but most nights he only wakes up once or maybe twice!  I have no complaints about his sleep at all! He even sleeps in in the mornings (8:30-9) and gives Leo and I a little bit of time to hang out just the two us and have our breakfast.
This month we are transitioning from the swaddle.  He loved being swaddled and I think if I could still swaddle him well he'd be sleeping like 10 hours probably! but he breaks out of it and is right on the verge of rolling over and that is a big no no for swaddling!  So he's currently in like a sleep sack with his arms free.  It was a rough couple nights after we stopped the swaddle.... but I started putting him in a long sleeved, footie sleeper and he's sleeping much better like that vs just a onsie.  I think he likes a little weight and warmth to feel safe and soothed.

I'm trying to make sure he takes his long afternoon nap in his crib.  He and Leo nap in the afternoon at the same time - something I really hope continues because I have like 2 hours every afternoon to get stuff done - or do NOTHING!
Otherwise he naps in the morning around 10:30 or so and sometimes it's in the swing or in his carrier or stroller if we're out - which we are a lot of mornings.  And he takes a little cat nap, almost always in the swing while I'm cooking dinner around 5:30.  Then goes to bed for the night at about 8.

He went to the doctor at 2.5 months and weighed 15lbs 4 oz! and was 26.5 inches long!  He was 86th percentile for weight and 99th for height!  I have tall babies!

He's wearing all 6 month clothes with some 6-9 months!  He moved up to size 3 diapers!  and we made the switch to cloth finally!! I kept putting it off because we had been gifted so many disposable diapers (amazing! thank you!) and I just hadn't put him in cloth - even though they were folded and ready directly under the changing  table beside the disposable - lol.
When he switched to size 3 and that was our last case of disposables I said ok, I'm gonna make this case last and started cloth. It's really so so easy to do cloth, especially if you stay home a lot or just do quick trips out.  We put him in disposable for bedtime and when we go to church or MOPS - which reminds me - we had an open house for my MOPS group and I had to help out and so I put Houston in the nursery for the first time about a week ago! He's such a laid back baby - as long as he's fed he's totally fine to just hang out with someone in the rocker or in a bouncy seat.  I didn't put Leo in the nursery until he was probably 6 months old!

Picture roll of my sweet happy boy


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