Being a Mama

I'm Kelsey mom to almost 3 year old Leo and 7 month old Houston.
I don't have it all figured out just yet, but I love sharing about our day to day life.

A few things I may have a unique perspective on:

I had an all natural, unmedicated birth with my first and an almost unmedicated (small dose of pitocin) with my second.
I was victorious after a several month battle with breastfeeding.
I cloth diaper my little one.
I am a SAHM and we're on a tight budget.

Pregnancy Posts (Leo)

Pregnancy Posts (Houston) 

Leo's Birth Story and Houston's Birth Story 

Leo - 0-12 months

Leo - 13-24 months

Leo - 25-36 months

Houston 0-12 months 



Cloth Diapering

Other Adventures in Motherhood 

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