Monday, May 2, 2011

Eden the Turtle.

I am so glad that Lee and I took the time to be witnesses to such an amazing event.
We went with the SOs up to Levera Beach, on the north eastern side of the island (about 1 & half hour drive)
Ocean Spirits is an organization that protects and monitors the laying of eggs of the endagered Leather-back turtles.
The laying season is from April - June (or July maybe) and if you're in Grenada it is a must see!!!

This night we got to see two different turtles!  We watched one lay her eggs and then covere them up with sand, then move over a few feet and dig another hole to confuse predators.  It was incredible!!  She then moved around making lots of tracks in the sand before going back to the ocean. 

Flash photography wasn't allowed because it would affect the turtle's vision and she wouldn't be able to find her way back to the sea, but I had a friend who accidentally flashed a picture and it turned out awesome & she got me in it! haha score!

Here are a few pictures I found online that show the beach and the turtles in the day light!! Both are incredible!!

The island is called Sugarloaf Island, and it looks so cool!!

one turned up on Grand Anse beach in 06, which is really rare

                                   this is exactly what we saw when we watched her lay her eggs!

the freshly hatched babies making their way to the ocean!

see me in the blue! I was really there! haha
and now for my red light pictures, which is all  that we were really allowed.

This summer I am planning on going back up to Levera Beach to see it in the daylight, probably not turtles but the beach and that awesome island!!


Brea said...

Wow! That's awesome!

C said...

That is amazing! What an exciting experience!


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