Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to Miami

well Grenada friends I failed.
I tried to smuggle a conch shell into the US.

it was confiscated by a security guard who called my stuff junk.
so what if i want to travel with an old rusted yellow lantern Amber and I found in the trash.

and in Grenada they called me outside to a weird little building to go through all my belongings (do I look suspicious today?)  and didn't mention "hey you're not allowed to take a conch shell"

Honestly... I already knew this. but I wanted to give it a try.  it was such a beautiful shell!!

They didn't care that I had 3 sea fans, a bag of sea glass, tons of other misc shells, a bottle of sand, and a giant machete though.
so the moral of the story is, pack a conch shell, they'll worry about it & not even look at the other stuff.


Natalia Lynn said...

that is bizarre they didn't let you!

Anonymous said...

that's weird. you would think if you are an American citizen trying to get into your own country, they'd go easy on you. what danger do they think a conch shell offers?

Blurts from a Brunette @

Kensi said...

that really stinks!! I actually got through fine this time with my conch shell! glad you enjoyed your break in the USA!


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