Sunday, July 31, 2011

Underwater Sculpture Park

I was so excited to see the sculpture park.  If you live in Grenada for any amount of time you'll hear about it & it was super intriguing to me.
Well... I won't say I was disappointed, but I won't say I was super impressed either.

It is very eerie to see "bodies" under the ocean.  and that is what a lot of it looked like.
and it was in deep water, which made my toes wiggle a little bit extra.
and some of the statues had fallen over and were quite corroded.
and it was tough to get to.

Lee and I are cheap. ch.ea.p.
We were not about to pay a boat to take us out to see it when it is "walkable"
We drove up on the other side of St. George's until you see a big sign for the sculpture park and parked at the beach and then began the hike to the bay on the left side of this beach.

If it wasn't for the sea urchins, I'd totally recommend it.  It wouldn't have been difficult except for the fear of falling and smashing your face against 100 sea urchin spikes.
But we made it.  (I did cut my hand up on one trying to get out of the water though...)

Other than the sculptures it was also pretty great snorkeling.  We saw tons of colorful fish, a barracuda (and  I was TERRIFIED) and other sea life.

If you're up for an adventure try it out!  I highly recommend wearing shoes.
or pay $60US for a boat to take you there. ridiculous.

AND. my underwater camera broke. again. boo.


TexaGermaNadian said...

How cool! But pretty dang creepy too. Can you imagine night diving down there. Now that would make a great scary movie ;)

Marisa said...

Great adventure. I know a lot of people who paid to see this. I'm scared to have my head under water for more than 15 seconds. Ha.

Tammy said...

Hi Kelsey, I'm pretty sure we were on the same flight together recently!

My husband and I went to this. Well, we tried. Someone told us to just swim, but we tried walking the side, to the left as you said, and.. I'm kind of a baby, so my husband tried swimming, and I was nervous so I wanted him to just try it first. But, it was a fail for me.. We never made it. Did you hike the whole way? Because he tried just to swim after we were half way between the HUGE rock that seems to separate it, and the beach. Does this make sense? There were no boats either, to even offer this option.. When I came home I was searching for it and came across your post. Unfortunately the photos were not visible though. This was basically an epic fail for us, ha, but maybe we will try it again sometime. Maybe. But, I don't know for sure.. I just thought that I would ask since I couldn't really find much info other than your post!

We are from Detroit! I hope it's been good to you! :) I can suggest some places to eat if you are interested!


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