Thursday, August 11, 2011

Been there, done that

In our time on the island we have been a lot of places and seen almost everything there is to see and do!
Last on my list is Concord Falls!  I have 4 months left to get it in!
Here are some I think are worth seeing, maybe more than once :)

Grand Anse - duh. read all about it here.
Conch Shell Graveyard - read about it here, but make sure you read this one too!
Magazine Beach - there are so many posts about this one, its a favorite see them all here.
St. George's - my first trip here, and a few others here and here.
Fort George - here
Fort Frederick - here
La Sagesse - I've been 4 times read about them all here
Grand Etang - one of my favorites! been 6 times!  here and  here
Anandale Falls - here.
Mount Carmel Falls - first time here & again here
Pearls Airport - abandoned airport with Cuban planes here
Levera Beach - here for the beach and here to see the turtles lay eggs!
Bathway Beach - here
Belmont Estate (chocolate plantation) and Rivers Rum Distillery - both are  here
Le Phare Bleu - here
Underwater Sculpture Parkhere
Snorkeling at Happy Hill - here
Fish Friday - I've been 3 times, but apparently I've only liked it enough to blog about it once here
Dolphin Watching Tour - here 
River Tubing - here
Carriacou - amazing! here

Around the Island in a Reggae Bus - Carib's Leap, Sauteurs, & Grenville mostly  here.
Around the Island picking fruithere
Around the Island with the SOs - oops. didn't blog about it! I need to go back in time and do that b/c it was a great trip!

Is there anything I am leaving out??


Kensi said...

you def. need to experience Concord Falls... it's my favorite hike on the island!

Stephanie Scurlock said...

Can we do Concord Falls soooooon!??!

Marisa said...

Hashing! And have you been to Carib's Leap?

Marisa said...

Oh, and did you like to the very top of the mountain at Grand Etang?


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