Sunday, August 7, 2011

same place, new faces

There are so many new people in the SO organization this term!
The term hasn't even started and I've already met dozens of couples.  This is unusual, but welcomed!  I'm glad people are coming to the island and wanting to get involved and live real lives here.  I know a lot of people who never give Grenada a chance & therefore spend the 2 years here miserable. 
Grenada has so much to offer if you'll allow it!

I went through some of my old posts and found some that I thought might be helpful/interesting to those new in Grenada, because even though I'm old news and have been here forever now... I was new once too! :)

3 weeks in... (probably a great post for new people b/c I wrote it when I was new too! haha)
Adventures in Grocery Shopping
Wish List
Eating Out in Grenada : Restaurant reviews
Grenada 101 
Back on the rock
TIG This is Grenada
Don't jade me Grenada...
My favorite foods here
Grenada on a budget
4th term
Why I Love Limes 

ok that's a lot for now... you can always search for something specific on the right side bar...
if you have a question about something in Grenada I'm sure I've been there, done that & I'm more than happy to help!

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