Monday, February 1, 2010

3 weeks in...

As of tomorrow we will have actually been living in Grenada for 3 weeks!
in some ways it seems like we just got here and in others it feels like it's been much longer...
there are a few things that I have already learned though...

1. when in doubt, always put on sunscreen
2. the most gorgeous sunsets happen on SGU's campus
3. just because everyone is honking their horn doesn't mean they're mad, they're just saying hi!
4. everyone drinks, everywhere.... except Lee and I of course
5. on the beach if you keep your ipod in and sunglasses on, you can pretend like you don't hear the people trying to sell you stuff and they'll keep walking
6. the smoothies are GOOD! banana, guava, melon.... mmmmmmmm
7. you seriously have to conserve the water... they turned it off on campus the other day
8. the people here for the majority are very friendly and nice
9. but I can't understand a word they say. they claim it's english, haha... but I guess because they used to be french it got a little confused
10. medical school consumes your life.

So.... I also have a few vows I've made while being here

1. I will still wear makeup. Even though it's hot and I sweat... I will still wear mascara and eyeliner, that's why I bought waterproof
2. I will be patient.... the island moves at a much slower pace than me, and that's ok
3. I will not get sick of the beach. I refuse
4. I will volunteer whenever I get the chance, b/c right now I really do have the time.
5. I will remember how hard Lee is working for this and support him
6. I will successfully and creatively make dinner every night without an oven
7. I will wear sunscreen
8. I will still keep our room clean even though we have a housekeeper 2xs a week
9. I will keep my hair long no matter how hot it is or how messy it gets in the water
10. I will enjoy every single day here because it's only for 2 years....and then we're gone.


Galaxy6139 said...

haha, so useful suggestions & thoughts

have a nice day

newlywedsingrenada said...

i don't drink!!!

newlywedsingrenada said...

haha and i vow to keep my hair long/ish too. mine's not as long as yours but i refuse to cut it. even when it gets so gross from the salt water it turns into dreads.


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