Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sample Grocery List

A few people have asked how I save money at the grocery store and what types of things I buy, so I thought I'd show you an example of a weekly grocery list for Lee and I.

Typical IGA Grocery List:  
             *all prices in EC dollars
  • bananas - $4 (I buy bananas every single time I walk through IGA's doors)
  • 5lb bag of potatoes - $8
  • 4 Apples - $10
  • lettuce - $9
  • onion - $2
  • cucumber - $3
  • carrots - $5
  • Hunt's pasta sauce - $6
  • pasta - $3-7
  • IGA macaroni and cheese - $4
  • can of black beans - $3
  • can tomato soup - $5 (I am recently obsessed with grilled cheese and tomato soup. in the caribbean? weird)
  • Carlita salsa -  $8
  • chicken breast - $10-15 (if I am making soup or something I will buy thighs b/c they are cheaper)
  • hamburger - $7-10
  • 2lb bag of rice - $3
  • 2lb bag of sugar - $3
  • IGA brand cereal - $10-12 (favorites include : honey oats and flakes, magic stars, and the cinnamon toast crunch knockoff)
  • IGA frozen peas - $6
  • IGA frozen corn - $6
  • Toufayan bagels - $7
  • local bread - $4
  • Shoppers Value tortilla chips - $8
  • NewZealand Cheddar cheese - $4-6
  • cream cheese - $6
  • dozen eggs - $9
  • butter - $3
  • Toufayan wraps - $6 (garlic pesto is our favorite!)
  • 4 yogurts - $10 (black berry pomegranate is my favorite!)
  • half gallon milk - $9
Total : $162EC  or  $60US  and usually it is less than this... rarely do I spend over $150EC, averaging out to about $225US a month)

Those are things that I might buy every week.. with the exception of the sugar and a few other things like salsa, rice, & 5lbs of potatoes that last a while.  

About once a month I buy other things like peanut butter, cooking oil, salad dressing, laundry detergent, dish soap, paper towels... etc.
And occasionally we buy pop, chips, ice cream, or some other junk.
Its fairly easy to maintain a shopping list like this once you have the basics: spices, condiments, baking essentials etc, and I just never buy the stuff I feel is too expensive. 

Typical meals for us are:
  • spaghetti (I could eat it every single day)
  • quesadillas 
  • tacos 
  • stir fry
  • hamburgers
  • grilled chicken
  • soup of all kinds & always with grilled cheese
  • breakfast for dinner (yum! omelets, french toast, pancakes)
  • chicken and dumplings
  • alfredo
  • homemade pizza 
  • mexican casserole (tortillas, black beans, corn, and cheese)
  • salad
  • whatever crazy recipe I find online and want to try :)

Basically we have learned to eat less (which is not only good for our budget but great for our health and waistlines) and to be creative with our meals within the range of foods we can afford at the grocery.   I like to bake a lot so I never feel deprived of snacks or if I am craving something I will just learn how to make it!

So there it is, no big secrets or tricks....
and I'm usually taking the bus so you can't buy more than you can carry! :)

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