Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adventures in grocery shopping...

Yesterday I went to Foodfair, another grocery store in Grand Anse, but not as popular as the IGA.
It's actually a nice store & easy to get to & cheaper!
They don't have quite the same selection as IGA, especially not of American brands, but they do have a lot.
I think it is actually less hassle to get to than IGA because if you take the Mont Toute bus it drops you off right in the parking lot at the front door! No need to even push the buzzer to get the bus to stop :) and if you've heard that Mont Toute is a bad area, you will be totally fine on the bus, and the Foodfair is in Grand Anse right along the main road.
On weekdays the Mont Toute bus runs about every 40 minutes, so plenty of time to go grocery shopping! & in the same shopping center is Rick's pizza.  I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard its the best pizza here! and they have FOUNTAIN DRINKS! yeeesssssssss sugary syrupy soda
there are also other little stores in the shopping center... mostly tourist-y shops, a pharmacy, a home store, and a shoe store.
The bus comes back to Foodfair parking lot and you get on and head straight back to campus!
The Mont Toute bus also stops way less than the Grand Anse bus & is not as crowded typically. So it's a quicker ride to and from campus.

Things I suggest getting from Foodfair rather than IGA
  • pasta - I got a bag of penne pasta for $5EC, and a few other bags of penne like pasta for $2EC!
  • pasta sauce - (if you're going to buy canned or a jar of pasta sauce) I got a can of Hunt's 4 cheese spaghetti sauce for $5.25EC! I bought a can at IGA last week for $9EC
  • spices and seasonings - they have huge selection of spices quite a bit cheaper than IGA. yesterday I bought cajun seasoning, cayenne pepper, and a bottle of vanilla for like $2EC each
  • condiments and sauces - they have an entire isle of bbq sauce, hot sauces, chinese sauces (I got sweet and sour!) ketchup, mustard, mayo... and tons of other stuff
  • plantains - they always have them & they're cheap
  • tropical fruit skittles!  hahaha I love them :)
Things I sugggest buying at IGA instead 
  • milk - duh- on Thursdays, I have never seen milk at Foodfair, but maybe I haven't been there the right day 
  • dairy products in general - I've noticed cheese is cheaper at IGA
  • cereal - IGA has a much better selection & some of it is cheaper (except rice crispies)
  • meat - I don't know if it's cheaper really... but I trust IGA's freezer/cooler systems much more than foodfair's, it always kinda smells near the meat & it doesn't appear to be too cold.
  • frozen foods - pizzas, bagels, burritos all that
  • deli items - foodfair doesn't have a deli
  • fresh vegetables and fruit - IGA has a really good selection, but go on thursday or friday or they will run out!
  • muffins - IGA has the most incredible little muffins in the back left near the cold drinks. $1.78EC each & so delicious & easy to take with you places 
These are my purchases from Foodfair-
 Vanilla, sweet&sour sauce, mustard, pasta, spaghetti sauces, cereal (for rice crispy treats & only $6EC!) bread crumbs, cajun seasoning, cayenne pepper, penne pasta, plantains, and cucumbers

I also found these amazing breadsticks and buns. they are so good and only cost $3EC each!
Homade Bakery :)


Kensi said...

I go to Food Fair occasionally, I will have to try those breadsticks! I didn't realize the sauce was so much cheaper! They once had bagged cereal there for cheap but I haven't seen it since. Have you been to CK's? They have some good deals depending on what you're looking for. I buy whole chicken thighs there, it's like 8 for $25 EC, and that feeds the four of us 2 times. They also have cheap pepperoni sometimes if you want to make pizzas using sub rolls, and ground beef that I use to buy at Walmart... 1 pound for about $10EC, and I think it tastes better than the ground beef at IGA. Sorry to ramble on..haha!

abby said...

Jason and I "breadstick buns" just like that in St. Lucia! We made PB and J with them for our lunches. :P I miss the carribean! Looks like you're getting the hang of living down there!


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