Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back on the rock!!

everyone calls Grenada "the rock".... I guess it kind of is just a big rock sticking up in the middle of the ocean, but I don't particularly like that name.... kind of like those who wanted to be cool & call Mt Vernon, "then Vern" rather than "the Naz". no thanks.


we are back!!!
we had a great quick flight... a direct flight! it only took about 5 hours from Toronto to get here.
once we were at the airport we however had to wait for 2 hours for our bags and to get through customs.... typical. welcome to Grenada things are sllllllow.

right away we noticed how green and lush and beautiful everything is. we left at the end of the dry season so it hadn't rained in months and everything was kind of brown and dry... now everything has bounced back to life & is growing out of control!!
everyone has said that the mosquitoes are really bad now too, but I have been here almost 24 hours and haven't been bitten yet! knock on wood.

my sweet friend Chris picked us up from the airport & brought us fresh homemade cookies & a bottle of ice water! exactly what we needed after standing around the hot hot hot airport in jeans for hours.

we are settling into the apartment, it is still a disaster zone, but soon I will have everything put away and can start decorating!
Lee had to start studying as soon as we go here :( and he's in class now.

last night I went to the grocery and I tried to get on the Grand Anse bus but it was full so I walked over to the IGA from the Texaco (about a 5-7 minute walk) and on the way I passed 6 kids I knew!!! I was so happy to see them! They were from our afters chool program Limes. granted I was walking right by their neighborhood where they all live, but I was still surprised to see 6 of them on the side walk :)
and in the store I saw a lot more people I know from the school! and met a new friend in the check out line, I could tell he was new so I gave him some advice about stuff, like the frequent shoppers card! I didn't have one for like 2 months! and he asked a lot of questions about school and stuff... I want to be really helpful to new people because I remember what it was like to have no clue about anything and all of a sudden be dropped in a 3rd world country. lol
on the walk over I started to notice a lot of things too, like this really is a poor little country... especially after spending the summer in the US and Canada where everything is excess excess excess.  I walked into little IGA to find 5 apples, 10 onions, no bread, 4 gallons of milk, no bananas.... haha and you just have to roll with it.

after the store I walked over to Grand Anse beach because there was a bus leaving from there going straight over to Lance Aux Epines (where we live now!) and I ran into 2 more people I know, Michelle and Bridget, & they both live in LAE so they drove me home.... :)
what a small little island! and I love it!

I just hope we re-adjust to the heat soon.... I don't care what the thermometer says, it is hotter here than I've ever been... lol.  It annoys me when people say "oh it's hotter in Ohio or Canada today than it is in Grenada" no, no it's not. impossible. whatever the internet says the temp is add 10 & 10 more for humidity.
We have 2 fans going now & last night we turned the AC on so Lee could study & sleep comfortably.  The AC unit is just in the bedroom so no matter how high it is I don't think it will ever cool the living room & kitchen off.  so I'll deal. I kind of like having all the windows and doors open.... reminds me of home.  I lived in a house until I was 17 with no AC & I survived. barely. but I survived.
last night before bed I took a cold shower and it was wonderful. not freezing cold, just cool & it made me feel so much better and removed about 10 layers of sweat.... I already have more zits today from the sweat! :/

ok enough words. here are some pictures!

we could see all of Grenada flying in!! 

The following pictures were taken 10 minutes after we got here, these are all very very BEFORE pictures. 

welcome home! 

 yay full length mirror!! finally!

Lee's little desk & the AC!!! we wouldn't have slept last night without it.

part of the bathroom, the shower is HUGE!  like a 1/3 of the square footage of the apartment. ok not really.

4 of my cacti survived the entire summer shut up in the apartment without a drop of water! :)

the view from our front door!
the place on the left with the orange roof is an ice cream store!

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