Monday, August 8, 2011

Bonfire in the sunset

One of my favorite things I did when I was new to Grenada was go to a bonfire with some friends on Magazine Beach.  My [then] Grenada friends and I had several that first term and it was so much fun... and they were all greatly missed at this most recent beach bonfire.
But one of the facts of life here in Grenada is that friends move on and soon you're the only one left on this island... and you have to make new friends! and then you're the one leaving!
here are my sad goodbyes to some dear friends - Sarah, Amber, and Jessi :(

I'm not ready to leave. not one bit.  I'm trying to find a way to sabotage Lee's 5the semester so we can stay a little longer... haha. not really. and he will absolutely kill me if something does go wrong... and ship me back to America and force me to work.  ugh.

back to the bonfire. 
I wanted to have a get together with some friends and it soon grew into a huge party!  I was so surprised that so many people came... I'm used to the SOs not wanting to come out to anything.. and here they all were with bells on!
We met so many new people I'm still struggling with names... but it will all come together soon, just in time for me to board that plane back to North America and kiss my dream life goodbye...

Lee burning his notes from previous terms!! O happy day! 

picnik :)

Here's to many, many more bonfires with all my new friends!



Anonymous said...

aren't bonfires the best? Looks like fun!

Sarah D said...

Miss you and all those fun adventures... especially bonfires and beach days!! Enjoy your last semester to the fullest Kelsey!


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