Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wish list*

I have been compiling a wish list in my brain of all the things I want/want to do this summer and to bring back to Grenada... so I've decided to write a few things down as I think of it. 

WANT- as soon as I get back to North America
1. pizza - preferably giovannis, papa johns, & pizza hut, maybe pizza pizza since I'll be in Canada first.
2. potato chips - lays, with french onion dip and doritos
3. Texas Roadhouse - sirloin, baked sweet potato, caesar salad, 14 rolls, and a sweet tea.
4. Wendy's crispy chicken sandwich and a frosty - $2usd :)
5. TV - any channel will do
6. Panera
7. Walmart - I don't even want to buy anything, I just want to be in a Walmart supercenter for a while & see the abundance of stuff
8. MAGAZINES! - I should have about 5 Glamours waiting for me at home, and I want to buy Cosmo, Lucky, Elle Decor, and a few tabloids like US weekly, and the back to school issue of 17!! Magazines are like $25EC here! that is like $9usd

WANT to do
1. Go home, to Ohio to see my family and friends, but that will have to wait until May 28th.. we're flying into Toronto on the 18th
2. Memorial Day Parade
3. See my nieces!
4. Go to my church
5. Do something fun in Toronto with Lee or maybe just go to Niagara Falls again... oh wait, no! Afrian Lion Safari!  I forgot I wanted to do that...
6. Take a Megabus from Toronto to Montreal - ok so this is a little far fetched, but you can go for like $15... and I almost had Lee convinced
7. Go see Jersey Boys in Toronto
8. Go running a lot, it's too hot to run in Grenada
9. Spend lots and lots of time with Lee! even though he's working it'll be more time than medical school.
10. watch Lost and Dexter with Lee 

WANT for Grenada
1. bathing suits - the Grandview Outlet in my hometown has bathing suits for like $3 & my mom has agreed to buy me some for a late birthday present! yesssssssss I want like 10 new ones. for real. and hopefully Old Navy will have their $5 bathing suit day again this year... although what I really want is one from Victoria's Secret, but If I can get 15 elsewhere for the price of 1 at VS, then I'll pass.
2. flip flops- Old Navy 2 for $5. Brown, Navy, Black, White - I've worn down all mine here already... walking over stones is starting to hurt... and next term we're living down a gravel road.
3. dresses! - I love dresses. I would wear one every single day if it were possible.  I love to wear dresses in Grenada... so breezy, so comfortable.  I'll probably go shopping in my own closet for this...  I didn't bring enough with me this past time!  And the Grandview also has dresses for like $5!!
4. hairspray - I haven't worn hairspray in over 4 months.... it's weird.  I don't necessarily have to have it, but I like it & I like the way it smells & I want to actually fix my hair.
5. Hair Straightener -  I didn't bring mine with me and I def. am next term!
6. tee shirts & athletic shorts -  to wear to field day and the orphanage
7. tank tops - in a rainbow of colors, preferably with a built in bra.  I despise wearing a bra here.
8. hat - I'm not the hat wearing type really, but I want a cute hat that I can wear with a pony tail for those day when the sun is beating down and my face is burning.
9. a fan (or 20)- I'm looking for one currently on the post (sgu's version of craigslist) so I will be able to bear the heat without running the AC all day since we'll be paying our own electric bill next term.
10. a big beach bag
11. some more re-usable grocery bags
12. my backpack
13. a small purse - so when I go out I just have enough room for my phone, money, and camera.
14. more art supplies, drawing paper, paint, canvases, pencils, beads, jewelry supplies.
15. fabric - to cover the chairs in our future living room, something comfortable to sit on and colorful.

hmmm sounds wonderful. sounds like a lot. especially for a poor medical school couple. uuuuugghhhhhhh.
thankfully I have a job, have I mentioned it before?  I've been babysitting for  Lee's professor's 3yr old son & I love it.  They live in an awesome spot with beautiful views of the ocean & within walking distance to a couple beaches and Oliver and I just hang out and have fun. I'm going to continue watching him next term too... and I'll be making enough money to pay for our groceries, electricity, and smoothies! :) and I'm a "personal shopper" to a few people in Lee's class and it has been awesome, I'd really like to continue doing it next term if I can... it's so easy and they pay me!

Oh and today I scored the deal of the century!  I was looking on the post for a fan and for textbooks for Lee and I saw a post for a pot with a lid, a small skillet, a large skillet, and a strainer - all for $30EC! that's about $11US!! I have wanted a pot with a lid soooo bad & extra skillets are just a plus because we only have 1 tiny one & we didn't have a strainer either... so I went to pick it up and it was in great condition, the girl is in 5th term(last) & just wanted to get rid of it!


Kensi said...

Kelsey, I also have a huge to do and to get list when we go home!! Yay for abundance and clearance racks!

amber said...

i'm so glad you found that pot and skillet i know you've been wanting those!

Amanda said...

Kels, I used to have similar lists when we lived in Germany. The BEST news is, after 3 years, you realize you don't need or really miss all that crap. I can't wait to get back to Germany and the simplicity of it all. I love the convenience of the US but that's all it is, convenient. :)


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