Sunday, May 8, 2011

4th term

the dreaded 4th term.
if you are affiliated with SGU at all you'll hear about it.

we are currently right in the thick of it.
no breaks, no end in sight.
everyone else is packing up and getting excited about summer break
not us.

why is 4th term so bad you ask?

well here it is from the wife's perspective...
4th term sucks so terribly because it started immediately following term 3, which started in January... and term 4 lasts until the end of June.
6 consecutive months of intense studying.

term 4 sucks because of the courses.
Pathology, Microbiology, and CPD.
Path (as all the kids call it) is 13 credit hours. 13.
and you have this crazy "path group" that you spend a lot of time with and depend on and there are 13 members. it's hard to pick a 13 member group that will all get along and pull their weight. (so far so good for Lee, except for the one guy who dropped out of school...)
and while you're busy spending all your time trying to keep up with Path, there is this class called Micro, which no one really talks about but it is super super hard and you may have to decide to take a lower grade in Micro just so you can keep up with Path and not get a bad grade in a 13 hr credit course.  that could really hurt the old gpa.
and there is CPD, I don't know what it stands for some type of clinical skills course... and you learn lots of cool real doctor stuff and your wife will want you to test her every day for new illnesses but you will never have time to.

speaking of time. there is none. you won't have a life outside of school at all and if you do you'll  possibly decellerate and have to do this all over again, so it's not worth it. skip life and pass 4th term.

make your wife get a life though.
tell her to go volunteer and go exploring. She'll be happier and feel more useful and not be sitting at home complaining about the husband that is never home. because he won't be.

it won't be unusual for him to be gone before you wake up and come home after you're in bed.
if you want to see him you'll go to campus to take him dinner.
you'll stock up on cup of soup and fill his locker with them so when he gets hungry he can just microwave one.
he might lose weight and be stressed out and have dark purple circles under his eyes.
he will forget things you tell him because his head is so full of information.
give him a break.

you will probably either fight way way less or way way more.
less if he's never home and you don't have the chance
more if he likes to study at home and he's always telling you to be quiet

get used to talking more on skype and facebook than you do in real life.

remind yourselves often that this will all be worth it in the end!
and take full advantage of those precious 30 minutes you do get together each day
and try to get him to talk about something other than school.


Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

Ugghhhh I am not looking forward to this! Good luck!

Amanda said...

You know, every time people tell me the don't know how I endured the brutal schedule that is law school, I point them straight down the road to our neighboring medical school because when we're all at the coffee shop late at night studying, they have it harder. That sounds like a killer course load!
Just discovered your blog, hope you get a little respite soon! :)

-STEPHANIE said...

Oh my...I keep hearing about it...4th term will start for Josh in August. I am NOT looking forward to it.

Kensi said...

this made me laugh out loud for real! And we're not even in 4th term yet. I feel for you guys and I am not looking forward to it! just remember it will all be worth it in the end! :-D

C said...

What a lovely wife you are to be so understanding. :-) June will be here before you know it!

Lea Liz said...

Oh girl Hang in there!! It will be so worth it in the end!!

Marisa said...

Hang in there! We made it through 4th term alive (admittedly, I was only in Grenada for about a month of 4th term; the rest of the time I was on skype - sometimes), and so can you!

Cat said...

Boo. and Boo.

I need to work on the whole "being understanding" thing. Seriously, doesn't Jonathan want to hear about design and blogs everyday? Oh wait, he doesn't? Yeah, I knew that.


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