Tuesday, January 18, 2011

favorite foods found in grenada

instead of being sad about all the things I can't get here, I'm going to happy about the stuff I can get!

these are a few of my favorite food finds in Grenada

1. pesto garlic wraps - insert cheese and you have the best quesadilla of all time.  These are made in Florida... can anyone tell me if you can get these in the states at your grocery??  I love everything Toufayan brand! pitas, wraps, bagels...  I will be sad if I can't find them when I go home

2.  This cheese is great in said wraps.  This is our go to cheese in Grenada (and Mozzarella from the deli) It tastes absolutely nothing like cheddar. (funny story... my friend Kristen was telling me about a girl she worked with who spelled it 'chetter' hahahah I can never look at that word the same again)

3.  Go ahead bars - they're cracker/cookie like with fruit filling.  Apple is my favorite!! the perfect snack.... and a cheap one too at only $6ec

4. local bananas - so delicious. so much sweeter than at home.... I ate 3 yesterday & could have eaten about 7
5. star fruit - I may like the shape more so than the taste... but the taste isn't bad!! :)
6.  LLB - lemon, lime, and bitters. my favorite soda here!
7. cheese rolls from the Indian couple on campus.  I know they were rude to us last term (amber!) but I LOVE those cheese rolls so much I can't help but buy from them....

and that's all.
I miss Wendy's, Papa Johns, and Texas Roadhouse
I miss Kroger, Dollar Tree, and generic brands
I miss cheap food.


Ellen said...

FYI they closed the papa johns in ironton:(

Sarah D said...

They have Toufayan wraps at Key Foods in Brooklyn! Seeing them reminded me so much of Grenada :)

Kensi said...

I am with you on missing cheap food!!!

Nel said...

The blog is very good!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Looks yummy!

sandy toe

amber said...

AH NO YOU CAN'T EAT FROM THOSE INDIAN PEOPLE! :( jk i know you are addicted to those cheese rolls. i still can't believe they were so mean!

Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

Hi Kelsey, I love your blog, I feel like a stalker but its so cute. My fiancee is attending SGU, we are in England this year and will be in Grenada. I started a blog recently on our adventures here. Just wanted to say hi!


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