Thursday, September 18, 2014


My last post was titled Sleep! and I ended by making a comment about how Leo would probably start teething and ruin it all....

A couple days ago Leo was chewing on my finger (which isn't that unusual) and I felt something sharp!  His first tooth had popped through without me even noticing!  An adorable little bottom tooth.
Little guy showed no signs of teething other than a lot of drool, which he's been doing since the day he turned 9 weeks old.  I remember.

I was like wow this is way too good to be true! I could see the white of his 2nd tooth pushing up next to it and thought oh great he'll be getting a tooth right when we're flying to Ohio!
A fussy baby on a plane AND fussy baby in front of all the people I've been telling over and over again how good he always is.

Well that was 3 days ago and he has been more irritable than usual.  He hasn't been eating that well (solid foods) and nursing more often and last night he woke up twice in the night.   Poor little guy!!!
This morning I can feel both teeth through on the bottom so I hope the worse of that is over and we get a couple weeks of relief while we're traveling!!

We've decided to hold off on any type of pain intervention with Leo unless his teething pain gets a lot worse.  He's never had any type of medication and I'd like to keep it that way.  I also have read some pretty weird stuff about the teething tablets and the amber necklaces... so we won't be going that route either.
And in case you didn't hear the FDA came out and said no more baby Orajel!  So read up about that before you give your baby any type of numbing gel for teething!

I'll be gone when Leo turns 7 months so I'll have to catch up on that post later.  But I'll give a quick little bit.  So much has been happening this month!

Leo can now crawl anywhere  he wants and as fast as he wants.  He will follow me all around the house and if he sees something he wants he makes a mad dash for it!  His favorite of course are electrical cords.  The only cords ever visible are our laptop chargers and he acts like it's Christmas morning when he can get his little hands on one!
Every morning I rearrange the living room putting the computers up and turning our coffee table sideways to block him in!

And as soon as he mastered crawling he wanted to pull up on everything.  He seriously tries to climb the walls!! He's not that steady yet so this also means lots of tumbles and bumping of his little head if he can get to something to climb while I'm not watching.
His favorite climbing toy though is Lee or I.  We lay in the floor with him and he goes to town climbing all over us and pulling himself up to a standing position.  He's so cute, but it makes me sad my baby is getting way way too big!

He's currently napping after a big early lunch of sweet potatoes, chicken, and apple sauce.  Dude loves to eat!  I'm pretty sure his mouth is feeling better because he just ate like 6 oz of food and nursed...... that diaper should be fun later.
Probably as soon as we get in the air on the plane.

Thankfully it's only a 2 hour flight!

If I haven't said it yet, solid food diapers are the nastiest thing ever.  Thankfully this week I was able to catch one on the toilet................. but only 1.  :/  We're still working on it, but we'll probably take a break while we're in Ohio.  Hopefully Nanny likes to change diapers......

Leo helped me pack his suitcase :)  As you can tell he's pretty excited to wear his long sleeved clothes!

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