Monday, September 8, 2014


I know it just seems like yesterday that I posted Leo's 6 month updated and admitted that we weren't quite there yet with the sleep schedule.... but in the past 2 weeks something miraculous has happened!
Leo has started sleeping the entire night through!! 10, 11, even 12 hours!

So what changed?
Well.... I got a little tough.  (In addition to maintaining a schedule and bedtime each night and allowing him to fall asleep on his own)
I wouldn't say that we did the Cry It Out Method because that is just a little too sad for me to handle, but I did let him cry some...
I began this a couple months ago making him stretch his feedings out in the night.
I did this by when he would wake up, say around midnight, I would go in and comfort him, but not feed him.  Usually this was patting him and offering the pacifier, but sometimes I rocked him.  After a while he realized I wasn't going to feed him and fell back asleep........... or fought it majorly and screamed bloody murder until I gave in and fed him.  We had both.

Eventually he began sleeping longer and longer until we hit about a 6 hour plateau.
I was fine with the 6 hours because he's still a baby and there's always that nagging feeling in the back of your head that maybe he really is hungry and what kind of mother would I be if I was denying my baby food?!

Well at 6 months a normal, healthy baby can safely go 12 hours without food.
So when he got a little older Lee suggested we get a little tougher and teach him that he could go longer and longer.
So once again I began comforting him without food, which sometimes meant crying... there were 2 nights that there was a lot of crying, or it seemed more like screaming.  He wasn't sad. He was MAD.

But after 2 nights of that he stopped waking up for that middle of the night feeding and saved it for morning, which I am happy to do.  For close to 2 weeks now he's been waking between 5:30-7:30 to eat!  If it's more like 5:30 I'll bring him to bed with me and feed him and snuggle for another couple hours.  If it's 7:30 he'll be up for the morning.  To tell the truth I actually prefer the early morning feeding because I love falling asleep with him next to me, and Lee is usually up around 5:30 so we have the bed to ourselves.

Now that he's sleeping through the night it seems like the perfect time for him to start teething and screw it up...


Sarah Dhillon said...

Way to got Leo!! And congrats to you! It's gotta feel good to get some solid sleep in. I wish I'd started night weaning a bit earlier with A... I let it go until about 13 months and it was definitely more of a comfort/habit thing than a need. I think I'll be a little 'tougher' this time around ;)

Amber said...

YAY! This is awesome news!


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