Tuesday, October 7, 2014

7 months

7 months!  Time is just flying by faster than I can keep up with!

I posted a bit of an update a couple weeks ago when I announced Leo's first teeth were in and I'll probably repeat a lot of that information.
I'm so thankful that I've actually been keeping up with all his milestones so I can compare to future Coghill babies!  My sister and I looked through her girls' baby books while I was home and compared, although it's a little more unfair to compare a boy to a girl.
Leo is definitely moving A LOT more than the girls did at this point, but they were a little more vocal and my niece Regan could clap her hands at 7 months and wave at 7.5!
Leo is currently undergoing an intense clapping/waving workout regime to catch up. lol.  Ok not really... but we have been practicing the hand clapping.  He loves it when I clap or clap his hands for him but he hasn't quite figured out how to do it himself.  He will clasp his hands and move them up and down really fast and I think he thinks that he is clapping. haha!
Waving isn't something I had ever tried to get him to do until I read that Reg could do it!  Now we're practicing that too.
And we also are getting pretty good at giving kisses!! er... well good at slobbering with an open mouth on Mama's cheek and smiling when I said "mmmwah!" :)

So what can he do at 7 months?
Dude can MOVE!
He never stops.
He crawls so fast, pulls up on everything, and is getting better at moving along the furniture every day.
Twice I have seen him let go and stand for a few seconds before falling down!
He is also pretty good a falling, haha!  Almost every time now he'll fall on his bottom rather than falling back and hitting his head.

When he turned 7 months he had his two bottom teeth fully in and sharp as can be.
He's started using those teeth to chew on some more solid foods.  This month he had his first cracker, first teething wafers, first roll at Texas Roadhouse ;)
He's added so many new things to his food repertoire - chicken, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, peas, pumpkin, squash, avocado, blueberries, banana, pears... that's all I can think of for now.
He's liked everything but the avocado and the homemade green beans, which I think were too chunky the first few times I offered them because he likes the pureed kind in a jar.
I typically make his food, but when we're out I give him store bought food - he especially likes Nature's Best chicken and sweet potatoes and Ella's Kitchen apple, sweet potato, pumpkin, blueberry (yes all of that in the same pouch!)  He loves the pouches he can suck the food out of and so do I because it's not messy!
But his favorite hands down is oatmeal.

He's working on his vocabulary and while he doesn't really say anything consistently or repeat anything after me he does make the ba, da, and ma sound.  He also sometimes very quietly will say pop pop.  It's soooo precious.  It's probably more of him wanting to smack his lips and the pop pop just comes out as a result.  I'm working every day to get him to say mama but nothing, he has said dada several times and the babababa sounds a lot.

What else?
He loves to dance!  And he loves it when his momma dances around like a crazy lady.  We have a kids pandora station (ok a couple - Christian kids, Traditional kids songs, and bedtime songs) and every morning after breakfast we have a little dance party.
He also loves to drum.  His drum is his favorite toy!  He got to play some really big drums at church with daddy one night!

He loves to be scared.  He has for a while now really.  Peekaboo and other startling games are his favorite.

He loves the bath, he loves to not have a diaper on, he loves following me all around the house and break through whatever barricades I've put up.
He does not like getting strapped into his car seat, sitting still for diaper changes, getting dressed, or having his face washed after a meal.

Leo is about 23.5 lbs and 29 inches!
He totally fills out 12 month  clothes and is starting to wear 18months. I NEED to go shopping, pretty much nothing fits... I think he currently has about 5 shirts that fit :/
But since we live in Florida he typically is only wearing a diaper at home anyway.  Another reason cloth diapers are so awesome - the prints are so cute!

This month he went one his 3rd trip on an airplane to KY and OH!
We went for a 10 day visit to see my family and had a great time.... except for the fact that Leo went on a sleep strike pretty much.
I think our traveling days are on hold for a bit.
He didn't sleep more than 2 consecutive hours the entire trip............. It was terrible.
worse than it ever was when he was a newborn because once he'd wake up he wouldn't want to go back to sleep very easily.

Thankfully once we returned home (which is actually would be on to his 8th month post...) he resumed sleeping 10+ hours again!  Praise the Lord!

Now for the picture round up... the cutest pictures ever of all time will actually go on month 8, but we got some pretty great ones in month 7 too :)

If you haven't noticed, Leo LOVES his Poppy :)

You can see those two bottom teeth coming in here :( he really didn't fuss that much, I just happened to be sitting next to him in the car crying and could see his teeth well lol. This was at the end of spending the day out with my sister... We all want to cry after that ;) Cooper family will get that... 

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Amber said...

He is soooo precious. And thank you for the tip on oatmeal, by the way. Jack loves his too! I can't believe how grown up Leo is getting. Such a strong, smart boy! I think it helps that he's got such a great mama around all the time. :)


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