Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Telling Grandma and Grandpa Coghill

We wanted a special/surprise way to tell Lee's parents about their first grandchild, but unlike for my parents a DIY idea didn't pop into my head.  See how we told my parents here! 
I thought about it for weeks!
We had so many ideas that got scratched off the list. I knew for Lee's mom I wanted to get a children's story book about a Grandma, but it wasn't that easy.  Note to self: write a children's book about grandparents that is sweet and sentimental.  I ended up with the book What Grandma's Do Best (and when you flip the book over it has What Grandpa's Do Best) and I really went with it because of the sweet picture on the front and the word Grandma in large print, not the content of the story.
Then when I found the absolute perfect t-shirt on Ebay for Lee's dad I knew we were set!
It says "This guy is going to be a Grandpa"

They came to visit us in August for a weekend, when I was about 11 weeks, to do some shopping and visit before Lee's mom went in for surgery the following week.  We definitely took her mind off of the surgery for a few days as we blew their minds with the news!

I wrapped both gifts up and told them I got them a "welcome to Michigan" gift and that they should open them at the same time.  Well.... Lee's dad was a little faster and his mom looked over and saw the word GRANDPA peeking out of the wrapping and gasped!  Then immediately started crying. hahaha
Lee's dad on the other hand had the shirt backwards and just assumed it was a shirt... and said something like "ah nice shirt" haha, finally he turned it around to see what the commotion was about and his eyes got huge!  And I think it was followed by some "are you serious'" :)
Later that night we skyped with Lee's sisters to let them in on the news!
It was so fun surprising them!

Amber caught on right away as Lee's mom and dad were holding up their new gifts when the call started.... Michelle on the other hand had a slightly different reaction.
In her defense she was going out the door to go to work and was in a hurry... but when she saw the book about Grandma her first thought was that something had happened to their 95 year old grandma and they were calling to tell her about it........... :( can you imagine?! poor girl! Thankfully it only took her a  few seconds to catch on!

I'm so excited to be bringing the first Coghill grandchild into the world, but please don't spoil them too much. I do have to live with this kid.

So, did you do anything special to break the news to your family??


habecker said...

so fun! i have been working on my ideas for years. i have the "if we get to share the news in person while visiting" plan (the whole taking a picture and saying we are preg while video recording) and the more likely, "long distance" plan (personalized M & M's for my mom. it's her thing she does for special events). hardest part will be NOT witnessing the reaction. and like you, i'm having a harder time with an idea (personalized fortune cookies)for his parents.. perhaps one day we will get to utilize them :)

Amber said...

Haha you are too cute! I love this and I love how you found unique ways to tell both sets of grandparents. And I love this picture of Lee's parents!

habecker said...

Just came up with a better idea for his parents!

We like to play games-especially with his parents. I just saw a way to personalize a "memory game"! you can add pictures to the cards! you only get to add 12 pictures... so trying to figure out how/what to use as pictures to announce it that way! so fun!

any ideas fellow crafty one?


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