Monday, October 7, 2013

Residency Interviews

So there are two things going on in our lives currently - baby and residency.

Two pretty huge and overwhelming things.

Lee is currently at his first interview in Columbus, Ohio today!  I'm so proud of him.
I wish I had words to explain how I feel about that man.  I know I say that I love him a lot and am proud of him... but seriously.
I am SO thankful every day of my life that he picked ME to sit down beside at freshman orientation at MVNU.  I am thankful that he chose me to spend his life with.
And he's cute.  Man is he cute.  He seriously gets cuter every single day... and let me just say that wearing scrubs only makes the situation worse!  The other day I saw him leaving the house looking extra adorable and joking I said "aw please don't let any nurses see how cute you are" and he said in a extremely unaware of his attractiveness type of way "oh don't worry none of them think I'm good looking.... just the 85 year old ladies that try to hook me up with their granddaughters."
um Lee that is because it is only socially acceptable for 85 year olds to comment on how cute one is!

Wow went off on a tangent there.  Ok back to interviews...

Lee currently has 17 interview offers and we haven't heard any rejections from the other 30 programs so we aren't counting them out just yet.
Unfortunately we do not have an unlimited bank account so he is not going to be able to go to all of these interviews, as we have to pay for travel expenses, ugh!
Good news is that every program so far has offered a free hotel the night before the interview, as well as a pre-interview dinner with a group of current residents.  So the money we're saving by not paying for a hotel room is going to be super helpful.

Oh! and did I mention that we paid our LAST tuition payment?!  We officially owe SGU ZERO money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We owe RBC Bank considerably more than that, but nevermind that little detail.
We now just need to worry about covering interview expenses, living expenses after the baby is born and I am no longer working, and moving to our new location/home in the spring!  And trust me this all looks like pennies compared to tuition....

Speaking of living... I will not be attending many of the interviews with Lee.  Sadly he gets to enjoy all these nice dinners and fancy hotels without me :(  I will stay in Michigan and work every single day/hour possible to save money to prepare for not working and this baby!  I'm hoping this pays off eventually with a great residency location and a house with a yard.  I don't ask for much, right? :)


Marisa said...

But it was cute hearing (reading?) you gush about how cute Lee is! Best of luck during residency interviews. Andy ended up turning down several interviews due to budget restrictions. For the first few, it was kind of hard because he didn't know how many more he would get, but after 1 or 2 locations neither of us would have been thrilled about moving to, he started being more selective. Andy was able to drive to most of his interviews, and he took pictures of the outside of the hospital and a few of the community for the interviews I couldn't go on.

habecker said...

high five-ing you on the tuition pay off!


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