Thursday, October 10, 2013

Uterus expert

You know how they say that once you become a mother you say things that you'd never have previously imagined yourself saying....
well we're apparently starting early around here.

The other night I was standing in the living room showing Lee my "bump" and explaining to him that despite no huge visible difference I could now feel my uterus when I press on my stomach.

Me - "feel it, it's right here."
Lee- "you can't feel it when you're standing up yet, you can only feel your stomach muscles."
Me - "ummm pretty positive that this is my uterus considering it wasn't there a couple weeks ago"
Lee - "your stomach muscles are too strong/thick... blah blah blah"
Me - "Lee, I am telling you this is my uterus right here, it's like as big as my hand!"
Lee - "go lay down and relax your muscles and then I'll feel it"
Me - "How about from now on I am the expert on uteruses considering I actually have one..."

Sometimes it's super helpful to have a doctor for a husband/father-to-be, and sometimes it's insanely annoying.
Yes he has personally delivered dozens of babies, witnessed hundreds more, and examined numerous uteri of all sizes.......but HE doesn't have one and he definitely doesn't have one getting bigger and growing a baby inside of him.
But, all that said, he means well and I love him anyway, regardless of the contents of his insides.

PS. you can use either uteruses or uteri for the plural form of uterus. I googled it.
PPS. am I a blogging fool or what?!  I just needed a topic.


Amanda said...

Cute!! (And congratulations!!)

Sara Whitsitt said...

hahaha love it! And I love all the blog updates :)


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