Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Telling Nanny and Poppy

This Sunday we were finally able to include someone in on our news!
We had a Cooper family reunion in northern Ohio that Lee and I were able to drive down for, for the day and it was the first time I had seen my parents since we had found out.
We went through the entire reunion with the extended family and lingered around waiting for EVERYONE to leave so it'd just be us and my parents left, surprisingly it worked out and we were able to have some time just us!

I told them I got them a gift and handed them a bag.
Inside I had a  little craft I made to share the news.

It was really hard to come up with an idea of how to tell them, I wanted it to be something fun... but what do you tell someone who's going to be a grandparent for the 12th time?!
12... twelve... twelve.
what comes in a dozen?
donuts, roses, eggs...
it dawned on me, my dad loves chickens!
and so now he'll have a whole dozen little chicks!

I decorated an egg carton and made 10 little yarn chicks and 2 eggs, one being my sister Molly's baby whom will make her arrival in September and our little egg, due to hatch in March.

My parents were a little slow on the uptake.  The carton said Nanny and Poppy on the outside.. I thought that might give it away but no... then awww the chicks so cute! aw baby Massie........aw Baby.... Coghill.... due March 2014?!
Are YOU pregnant?!

hahaha YES!
then lots of hugging and a few tears from my mom and lots and lots of awwww's.
They were so excited.
It was fun!

Then a few words of advice from my dad - no medication, no dying my hair, lol.
Dad! I'm married to a doctor!

My mom called me on the way home about an hour later to reiterate how happy they were and how much they loved the gift.

The next day my dad was still talking about the little egg carton.  He's so easy to impress :)

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Amber said...

I LOVE this. When your mom showed me this over the weekend I seriously melted so cute and so crafty! A perfect Kelsey way to tell your parents. And don't forget your dad's other wisdom: NO TIGHT PANTS! We don't want our babies to have pinheads. ;)


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