Monday, April 12, 2010

See you later, Sarah!!

My friend Sarah left Grenada, forever :(
some gibberish about a job
it was inevitable... but too soon! her husband is in his 5th term & in the fall will be off to clinical rotations in the states, but Sarah had to get back to work. back to the real world.
We will miss her so much though!  She was such a great person to have around, especially for me when I first got here & she was so great with all the volunteer activities and the kids love her...
She and her husband are Canadian so I am holding out hope that they'll end up in Ontario someday and we'll see each other again! so it's not goodbye, it's see you later! just maybe 10 years later...

We had lots of outings the last couple weeks before she left to soak in the last bits of the amazing life of an SO in Grenada & to try to convince her not to go....

Surprise going away party at Port Louis!!

Rick's Pizza for lunch!

Belmont Estate Trip! 

Liming on campus & crafting 

4 is now down to 3....
squeezing a final smoothie in!

Bonfire and marshmallows and another trip to Rick's pizza on her last Friday night
this night was the first time that we were all together with our significant others... and probably the last :(

So... we're sad she's gone. and I'm sad that everyone will leave Grenada eventually... Amber will leave a semester before me too... Alfonso's girlfriend is in Vet school & they're here 3 years, so at least he isn't going anywhere! Guess I need to get used to goodbyes every 6 months! :(

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Jay said...

Goodbyes are always difficult, it's great that you're making some strong bonds though. That's what it's really about I think. :)

I'll have to think about that visit, I'm glad the list inspired you!


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