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Carriacou & Tobago Cays Breakdown

so after seeing my posts of day 1, 2, and 3 in Carriacou and the Cays I know you're all planning your trips!

Here are some things you might find helpful:

Ospry Ferry to Carriacou - round trip $160EC per person.  Runs twice daily, except on Sunday.  There is no baggage checks or anything, buy your ticket on the spot, very informal, you just get on and go.  The trip between Grenada and Carriacou is beautiful too! so many islands to see!
SVG Airlines - if you have money and want to go  to the Tobago Cays you should fly into Union Island.  Save yourself the extra boat ride.  you can also fly to Carriacou, but I liked the ferry just fine.

Green Roof Inn - adorable little cottage/inn close to town but far enough to be secluded.  We paid $50us per night, which was a discount after we told her we were poor & that there was no one else going to be renting the rooms anyway. So feel free to barter with them.  You could also have breakfast included if you wanted.  We did not, but I saw it... toast, poached eggs, corn flakes, and coffee.  not worth the extra money.
Ade's Dream Hotel - cheaper hotel but conveniently only had the more expensive rooms open when we were there. yea right.  It is located directly in town so you can step off the ferry and into  your room in about 5 minutes.

Carriacou Tourism Website
Snagg Tours - offers boat from Carriacou to Tobago Cays.  As long as you don't use a man named Clarence you're probably ok.
Things to do in Carriacou

You can also search the travel websites like Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor for other people's experiences and opinions.

About Carriacou:
  • It is bigger than you'll expect.  I thought oh whatever we can walk anywhere we want to go.  Not so much.  
  • The people are nice.  seriously.  I usually roll my eyes at stuff like this b/c I heard how nice the Grenadians are and I haven't found that to be true for the most part.  I think they are bitter about the medical school or something, but the people in Carriacou were super nice and helpful. 
  • They have Reggae Buses like Grenada $2.50 each way 
  • Everything closes at dark. 
  • Laurena's might be the only place to eat at night in Hillsborough.
  • Laurena's might be the only place to get a drink of water after dark too. 
  • Laurena's is cheap!  About $15ec for dinner - around $6US
Sandy Island :
 We took a water taxi to Sandy Island.  We just found a man on the beach with a boat and said hey will you take us? We paid him $25EC each. They will try to charge $25US. don't do it.

Tobago Cays:
We tried to find someone on the beach to take us and couldn't find anyone.  So we went to the Ministry of Tourism and they called Curtis at Off the Hook & he called Clarence.  If you can go with Curtis it'd be fine, he has a nice boat, but he was full.  If they say Clarence... run.
They wanted to charge us $400US for the boat for the day, lunch, and drinks.  We ended up paying $600EC, which is about $225US split between all the people on the boat.  So about $55US each.  It was worth it.
I had some other phone numbers for people but they didn't answer for me for an entire week. :/
Be sure to bring your passport.  You're supposed to stop in at Union Island because you're entering St. Vincent, another country, but Clarence didn't bother with this.  We would have probably been in trouble if we had been stopped. 

Other tips:
  • We took food with us, but there are grocery stores so you could buy snacks...
  • Bring/buy water.  The drinking water in Carriacou is not quite as good as Grenada because they don't have any source of water other than rainfall.  No lakes or rivers like Grenada. 
  • Don't plan on anywhere having AC.
  • bug spray
  • apply more sunscreen than you think you'll need & apply often. 
  • There are two banks with ATM machines

So there you go.  Start planning your getaway!

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