Monday, July 25, 2011

Carriacou Day 1!

On Tuesday (almost a week ago already?!) Lee and I along with our friends Stan and Natasha headed to Carriacou for a little mid-week adventure on the Osprey Ferry.

The ferry leaves out of the Carenage in St. George's at 9am and was supposed to take about an hour and half to get to Carriacou... it took a little longer. and wasn't the smoothest ride. haha.  We rode the smaller of the 2 ferries and we wanted to sit up top to get a good view of all the islands along the way (SO beautiful!) and we got SOAKED!  Even on the top of the boat the waves were splashing us & we were holding onto the rails with a death grip, well I was anyway.  But it was a beautiful ride & we arrived at the gorgeous island of Carriacou safely.

We started the search for an appropriate hotel room by heading to Paradise Beach, a place I had read about online & said there were cheap rooms.
they weren't kidding about cheap.
We went to Hope's Inn and I'm not kidding when I say there was a communal shower & the only toilet in the place was downstairs off of the restaurant! haha! and the rooms were JUST bed. no fan no AC.  It was about $38US a night.

So we said forget it and went back to the main town of Hillsborough via Reggae Bus, just like in Grenada, and asked the driver about the Green Roof Inn where he dropped us and then asked for extra money because he drove us out of his way (even though we didn't ask to be. ugh)We made our way down the beautiful Paradise Beach to another hotel and it was about $60US a night (much nicer) but they would NOT bargain with us at all.  We offered $50 and they wouldn't even consider it. a hotel on the tiny island of Carriacou in the off season with NO guests. and probably no possibility of guests since we were the only tourists on the ferry.
Anyway, the Green Roof Inn was great!! A secluded, quaint little cottage type place with an incredible view and great beachy decor :)  you can read about it on my other blog here. and they came down in price for us!

Once we were settled in we headed back to the main beach near town, to snorkel, and I'm so glad we did!  There wasn't much to see, but we were quite successful!
Lee spied this HUGE starfish! It was amazing to see under the water b/c everything is magnified and it was just crazy.  We soon found out it was dead and I begged Lee to bring it back to shore so I could take pictures of it (and secretly convince him I should take it home)

I also found several sand dollars and Stan drug up a half of a lobster! haha Gross!!

We went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and sunset on the beach and relaxed for a bit in the awesome hammocks. I LOVED these hammocks, so comfortable I literally fell asleep in one Wednesday night.

Our hotel was located about a 5-10 minute walk outside of downtown, or what town there was to speak of.  We went in search of a good place to eat dinner and quickly found out that there was only one option. haha. everyone we asked pointed us back to Laurena's or the Jerk Center.
It was ok, but they only had 1 dinner option.  Chicken, Rice, and salad.  At  least it was cheap!

after dinner we were going to go get ice cream and some drinks to take back to the hotel and soon found that Lauren's was the ONLY place open after dark to get anything. haha. so back we went for some water.

That night we played an intense game of Monopoly, which I hadn't played in seriously 10 years, and enjoyed the company of our friends. 

Carriacou is such a peaceful, relaxing place.  and like everyone said, the people there are so nice! nicer than in Grenada, much nicer. 

The next day we were off to the Tobago Cays!  and THAT was an experience...

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Lea Liz said...

What a fun little trip!! Looks beautiful of course and I would die to go there! That starfish is amazing!!!!


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