Saturday, July 24, 2010

Canadian Summer

we're got to to do some pretty fun stuff on Lee's day offs.... which have been very few and far between.... and Lee is working up until the day before we leave and when we get back to Grenada he will already be 2 days behind so the minute we get to our apartment he is going to have to start studying to catch up for the day before!
you would think that after 5 years of being together I would be used to his work-aholic-ness... but I still want to be with him every second and get so annoyed when he works 12 hrs a day, 6 days a week.... right now he's working 11 days straight! ugh.

Lee's parents have a trailer up on a lake about and hour north of here and we went up and spent the night.

We went to Wasaga Beach another day.  It is the longest freshwater beach in the world! 8.7 miles long.  But it was completely freezing and we were nearly miserable. haha... but we stayed because we drove an hour to get there!  We ended up buying a sweatshirt for me to wear...
just being silly... we said this is the way canadians go to the beach, haha

Another day we went to Wonerland... the amusement park where Lee works (it's like Kings Island or Cedar Point) and we made ourselves completely sick on rides. and I got cut by my ear ring and made my head bleed.... but it was fun. haha.

I finally got to ride Behemoth, it has an 85 degree incline hill..... it was awesome, but made me want to puke.
& that's the water park Lee is the manager of behind it!  This is his 6th summer working there!

and in 2 weeks 3 of my friends from home are coming up to visit!! I'm so excited!

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Ashley said...

How fun! I want to go to that water park! haha.


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