Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 weeks!!

I am elated to be going back to Grenada!!
I am so overwhelmingly bored right now!!!
Sometimes I tell Lee that I wish we had had a baby as soon as we go married so that I could use these 2 years to be a stay at home mom & love our child.  When else am I going to have such ample time to offer a child??? but now it's already too late! can you believe it!! my 2 years of bliss are flying by! Now I would have to wait 9 months... which would leave me only about 7 to be at home with a baby before we move back to the states and I face reality and MUST get a full time job.
sigh. I missed my chance.
looks like baby at 30 for me.

I'm mostly kidding. I don't really want a baby yet.  We haven't even been married a year! and I don't want to be pregnant in Grenada. or give birth there. If my kids are born outside of the US they can never be president!! which their Canadian father might hinder their chances anyway..... lol.
and who would watch this baby while I'm out snorkeling for hours and hours? haha


We get back to Grenada around 1:30-2 on Wednesday afternoon.
Lee will have already missed classes and will have to immediately go to the school & catch up.
I will drop off our luggage at the apartment, take a look around, change into my bathing suit, slather by white body from head to toe with sunscreen and go straight to Grand Anse Beach and marvel at the gorgeousness & love the warm, clear, perfect water.
and then go to the grocery store across the street from the beach and go into shock because I forgot how expensive stuff is.... and then lug our food back to our apartment on 2 separate buses.

I can't wait!!


Ashley said...

Yay! I've been so excited for people to get back to the island. Its been a little too quiet here lately :) I heard you guys were moving into the "Blue Castle". Is that right? We need to do a photoshoot when you get here, okay?

Kensi said...

Enjoy your last days at home!! See you soon! You can always catch a ride with me to the grocery store since you'll be so close!


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