Monday, July 12, 2010

bad blogger

I haven't updated in way too long!!

I recently spent 10 days at home in Ohio for the 4th of July.  All of my brothers and sisters & nieces and nephew were there.  (You know I wish there was one word to describe nieces and nephews, like grandchildren or siblings. an all encompassing word b/c I get sick of saying nieces and nephew. because I only have 1 nephew. but anyway...)
It was really nice to be home and spend lots of time with my family & friends.
I am going to miss them so much.
I may not go home again until next Christmas! a year and half! yikes!

& I'm trying to upload pictures but it won't let me :(

 My sisters and I in our unplanned matching jean skirts.... leave it to me to notice & force a picture! haha

4th of July finger nails!!! I sat on the porch swing & painted my niece's nails.... something I've noticed in this neighborhood (in Canada).... no one has a porch let alone a porch swing!

our pond at my parents.... so many good memories here!! :)

My parents & their 5!

my 10 red white and blue babies!!!!
it honestly, really and truly saddens my heart that my children will have to only be half American....
I just don't know how it would feel to have two separate loyalties...

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Elizabeth J. said...

Very cute fingernails! I love to get together with my friends and have a manicure party. =)


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