Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ooooooooh Canada.

we've been here 4 days..... and only 11 weeks until we go back to Grenada!!!

things have been going well... I've gotten my shopping fix with $2.50 tank tops from Forever21 in a rainbow of colors & this morning at Old Navy's $1 flip flop sale!!
I've also bought 2 magazines. I missed magazines so much!!!
and sour gummy worms & Doritos.

but now I'm done with shopping. I'm ready to go see my parents & family & then go home....... to Grenada!
I'm surprised by how cold I am.... we're staying in the basement & it's freezing! It's warm outside during the day, when you're standing in the sun, otherwise I wear a sweater. 
Lee's dad is working on the pool today to have it open soon, but I can't imagine swimming in it, it will be so cold!! but it will look nice & I can spend my afternoons sitting around it in the sun, pretending I'm at the University Club. lol.

Lee has worked every single day since we've been here and will up until Friday when we leave for my parents... I'm staying home for 2 weeks, but Lee will only be there for 4 days & I dread the thought of being apart!!! haha today is our 9 month wedding anniversary :) luckily he gets off at 5 today!! yay Saturday night with nothing to do!

Yesterday I signed up with this website called so maybe I'll get some babysitting jobs... something to do with my time!  TV during the day suuuuuucks. 

I think I'm going to start blogging about all the "Canadian" things I see & experience........ such as milk in a bag.......and for some reason the past 2 days I've gotten lucky enough to have to change the bag. it's weird.
I'll take pictures sometime.

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