Monday, May 24, 2010

Canadian Quickie

Today is Victoria Day, a holiday recognized in most of Canada (but not in the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Price Edward Island....? and in Quebec they celebrate National Patriot's Day today)  It's celebrated on the last Monday before May 24th (the weekend before Memorial Day)  It was created to celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday & now it's to celebrate the current reigning Queen or whatever's birthday.  So I guess it's kinda like President's Day in the US... but it's also kind of like Memorial Day because it marks the start of Summer (although it's not summer by any stretch...) But people start planting flowers because hopefully it won't frost anymore (did I mention it snowed here on Mother's Day? like covered the ground white... eesh)  and go to their cottages and Wonderland (where Lee works is open, although the water-park doesn't open until June)  It's also called May Long Weekend.
Interesting to note that in the UK the Queen's Birthday is celebrated in June...

So there it is.  Happy Victoria Day!

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