Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is me blogging from Barbados! haha we don't  leave for another hour so I thought why not.
Barbados marks Lee & I's 6th country we've been to since we've been married!
and this is my 9th country, those above +Germany, France, and the Bahamas.
I think it's Lee's 8th... he's also been to Cuba & the Dominican Republic.

We walked around outside a bit & took pictures.... then ate lunch (I'm on a pizza around the world mission apparently) and I bought a new purse!  I didn't bring one back with me & I'll be in Canada for 10 days before going home & they were selling them for $10!  I said I liked it & Lee just handed me $20... I should have bought 2.
The airport here is nice, and has free wifi :)
We both got lunch for $10... I had a huge slice of pizza & pop & Lee had a roti & pop. 
I guess since Barbados is so much bigger & more easily accessible than Grenada prices aren't marked up as much... we got a powerade & juice for $3 too... I can't wait for things to be cheap again! Canada will look cheap compared to Grenada!

So far this has been a very smooth travel experience.... hoping the next flight is also & that they have good movies!

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