Friday, March 26, 2010

Fish Friday!

Last Friday we went to Gouyave, Grenada with CSA (Christian Student Association) for Fish Friday.  It's a street fair they have ever Friday night where they sell food and drinks... mostly the fresh fish they caught that week, but they also have other stuff lots of different breads, fried plantain, friend breadfruit, desserts, and lots of seafood!
We took a bus up with CSA for $20EC a person... the Flamboyant Hotel was taking people for $60EC a person! so it was a good deal! It takes about 50min-an hour to get there... and we only traveled 14 miles! It was a very scenic route though and I'm sad it got dark before we got there because I didn't get to see too much towards the end.... but we did see a landfill on fire! and burning is banned right now! and burning a landfill is double bad! I had wondered where all our garbage had been going though.... hm.
So we finally made it & it just a tiny town that is the "Fishing Capital of Grenada" not a major accomplishment when the island only has like 10 towns, but they do have a lot of fish there!  The food vendors were set up along two streets barely leaving enough room to walk through and there were a ton of people crowding in.... and it was HOT.  I wore jeans because it usually gets a little cooler a night........ not that night.
I had fried breadfruit (because I don't eat fish.... well except the Marlin I had tonight, but that's another story) and a garlic bun and LLB!  Lee had a fishcake on a coconut bake bun... it sounds good.. and he LOVED it! and it was only $2EC! and later he and his Dad had lobster! whole tails! for $50EC... I tasted it but I can't make myself like lobster.... yuck.
They also have live music.... drums and people dancing.  It was fun, but in my opinion not worth the drive more than once or  twice.  A great thing for a person visiting to do and see & everyone should go at least once! but I'll save the money it takes to get there & eat elsewhere. but this is also coming from a non-fish eater. so....

fried breadfruit and garlic bun

food food food

♥ picnik


Kensi said...

sounds like fun! I want to go!

Grace said...

This sounds like such a good time. We get in on Thursday night so I am thinking it will be the beach during the day then off to Fish Friday at night. Saturday is for the Market day with Sunday finding a church to go to. I am hoping to get to the Nazarene church in Fontenoy. Our agenda is developing nicely. Thanks for your blog I am really enjoying it along with others from your site.


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