Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Houston 7 Months

This past month was a big one for my Houston!
Sleeping thru the night, crawling, eating, saying mama, teeth, clapping, pulling up to standing... he is in hurry to be like his big brother.

I have probably 50 videos on my phone (why I'm always out of storage...) of Houston up on his knees rocking back and for and sitting up and then getting back on his knees and then dropping to his belly - just waiting to catch him crawling and to tell you the truth, I don't know if I ever did actually catch him crawling the first day. I was just like one day he was all over the place crawling in the Christmas tree and from room to room.

We have to keep all our doors shut now.  He loves to get into the bathroom.  He tries to pull up on the toilet (gross!) and the bathtub and Leo's stool.  I guess it's the room where he is the least so he's dying to know whats in there... even though he is seeing a lot more of it these days now that he's eating and requires frequent baths to remove all the food from his body!  He is a mess!
He is doing so much better with eating the past week or so.  It took him a while to figure out swallowing, but now he can do it he loves food.  He likes to feed himself puffs or little chunks and claps or bangs his tray when he wants more!  I'm telling myself the clapping is his way of signing more, but I doubt it.

I am trying to be better about doing sign with him.  I know that was so beneficial for Leo.  Leo could do so many signs and then became such a great talker with a crazy vocabulary which they attribute to early communication.  Leo signed milk at around 9 months for the first time so I still have time to teach Houston.  We've started very basic with milk, food, and more.

So far Houston seems to prefer yogurt, applesauce, apples, banana, sweet potato, puffs, blueberries, strawberries, and oatmeal.  I force him to eat chicken, avocado, broccoli, eggs, etc. My goal this week is to give him peanut butter because they say early exposure is good for allergies but somehow he's already 7+ months and hasn't happened it yet.

The day after Christmas, so just a few days before he turned 7 months my sweet little baby started jabbering ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma and it was just the absolute best! Leo said Dada first, but I knew Houston was going to be a mama's boy ;)  He will also say Baba - which I've told Leo is what Houston calls him lol, and make lots of other sounds, but he doesn't say Dada yet.

The day after he said Mama he also started clapping! I know Leo was at least 7something months old when he clapped (I remember the day and could look up the date if I tried hard enough, it was our friend Joey's show at the Broadway Palm and we took Leo with us and joked that he learned to clap for their show, haha).

Houston got his top two teeth right after turning 7 months and tonight I was looking in his mouth and noticed the next teeth next to his front teeth, what are they called again? well whatever they are, they're swollen and will hopefully be in any day!
Teething however, brings me to nursing... Houston is now sleeping through the night! Yay!  I think I was just complaining about it in his 6 month update and then a couple days later I woke up at about 7:30 and realized Houston hadn't woken up to eat that night!
That same day I switched our bedroom furniture so he could have his own room and it's been pretty smooth since, with the exception of when we had company and he slept in our room in a packnplay. He woke up in the night then, but now we're back to normal he's sleeping well again. Even with the teething.
We're going to Canada in a couple weeks I'm nervous about how he's going to sleep... but that's life, he'll adapt hopefully.

Anyway, nursing - Houston has been going really well and easy... until a couple days ago when I developed what I think was mastitis. I got super sick and it was miserable, but thankfully only lasted like a day or so.  And then on top of that Houston now has top and bottom teeth and he's already bit me a few times. ugh.  misery.

But at least he is insanely adorable right?

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