Monday, March 13, 2017

Houston 9 Months

Houston's already over 9 months and I didn't do an 8 month update.
I swear I'd blame my unorganized-ness on being a mom or Houston being my 2nd kid, but I've always always been very scatterbrained and behind schedule.

So, at 9 months Houston is probably like any baby - into everything!
He's crawling so fast, cruising around the furniture, and standing independently for a few seconds here and there.  Leo walked at 9 months so we'll see if Houston follows that pattern, but I think it might be a bit longer for him. Maybe 10 months or so.

We had his 9 month check up today and he could do every single thing on the checklist for 9 month old babies! He's talking saying - Mama and Dada appropriately and he'll say baba and makes lots of other little sounds.  I swear one day he said bubbles after I said the word. And he said lasagna once ;)

He just started signing more!! We were at Busch Gardens and I was waiting while Leo and our friend Hannah playing in Elmo's treehouse thing and I was feeding Houston and he was so hungry he was eating everything so I kept saying more? and then it just clicked and he was signing! It's a little like clapping hands, but he was purposefully doing it for food.  *and since I'm just now finishing up this post and he's already 9.5 months he has been signing milk too!! I just love to see him sign and communicate with us.

He loves when we sing and dance. Our favorite song to dance around to as a family is the everything is awesome song. haha. it's a bit ridiculous, but seriously can turn around a bad mood in any of us. If I feel like I've been short tempered we turn on music. If Houston is grumpy, if Leo is bored, whatever - we just start dancing. Even Lee. It's really becoming one of my very favorite things haha because it's totally something we'd only do at home and not in front of anyone else :)

He loves to clap along when we sing If you're happy and you know it and he'll bounce around if he's standing and we start singing. He's seriously so fun.

Houston is a pretty good eater these days. It took him some time to figure out the eating bit. I'd say his favorite foods are still pureed type stuff - yogurt and applesauce mostly. And he loves the baby pancakes that are just egg and banana. He loves banana! But offer him a plain egg and he spits it out. He pretty much eats whatever we're eating at lunch and dinner. Although he isn't a big meat eater. I made chicken and dumplings about a week ago and he ate a huge bowl of it.

While he's a good eater and sleeps amazing at night (12 hours every single night!) he is the worst napper.  I've tried many different techniques, but still some days he goes from 7am-7pm with no nap. On a good day he'll nap twice. At about 10:30 for hopefully like 45minutes-1 hour. Then again in the afternoon around 2 or 2:30 around an hour and half. However... most days he refuses the morning nap or falls asleep for about 5 minutes and then is up again and we retry the name after lunch. OR some days he takes a great morning nap and then refuses the afternoon nap. OR like I said just doesn't nap at all. I've tried to just making him go until after lunch and just take one nap a day and even that backfires on me. Babies.

At 9 months Houston is 20 lbs 10 oz and 30.5 inches tall!  He's a tall boy! 98th percentile for height and only about 67th for weight.  It's funny because I think he's so tiny compared to Leo, but 67th percent is still bigger than average. I think he's just gonna be a long, tall boy.

Houston turned 8 months old in Canada! His first experience with snow!

Houston 8 months and Great-Grandma Coghill 98 years! 

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