Sunday, November 27, 2016

Houston 6 Months

Dear my precious darling Houston. I am so sorry you didn't get a 5 month blog post.  I promise this has nothing to do with you being the second child and everything to do with your mom being a scatter brain.
In baby time a month is a lot, and 2 months is a lot a lot!  Poor Houston will never really know what he was doing at 5 months old because his mom didn't write it down.  It's only a foggy memory of some stuff she'll make up.

Anyway, moving on and forgiving myself of that ;)

Houston Charles is now 6 months!!
This month I've been testing out little nicknames for my baby.  I've been randomly calling him Housty.  I don't know.  I also sometimes come up with Hugh Charlie. or just Huey.
Lee prefers to call him Hous-town.
It's pretty fun.
This baby is fun. SO FUN!

His face just shouts I'm fun! He's always smiling and his eyes twinkle. I'm so in love with this sweet little boy. He makes me want 15 more babies.

At 6 months Houston is sitting up completely unassisted and can even push himself up into a seated position.  He did this for the first time while he was laying on the floor of the sanctuary at church while I was decorating for Christmas. I left him laying on a blanket playing with toys and looked over and he was sitting up and had the biggest smile. He was so proud.
He's so close to crawling!! He's doing the rocking on his hands and knees and the downward dog pose.  He's going to get it so soon.

On Thanksgiving he got his first taste of food - sweet potatoes!  He didn't really know what to do with it. He's also had an apple to gnaw on and help him with teething. haha and to keep him occupied during dinner time. I think I'll start avocado tomorrow if they are ripe.

He is getting his two bottom teeth! About a month ahead of Leo I think.

His favorite toys are his crinkle book and sophie giraffe (that was actually Leo's... is it ok to share teething toys? lol) and he loves the jolly jumper thing.

Sleeping......... well he's ok, but he could definitely be better.  He goes to bed between 7-7:30 most nights and sleeps a pretty good stretch but at about 3 or so he'll wake up to eat and I sometimes bring him to bed with me and he'll eat off and on until morning..... I honestly don't really know what happens.  I wake up to reposition him depending on how I fall asleep and make sure he can't fall out of bed.  It's not the best, but it happens a few times a week.  Other nights I put him back in bed and then he wakes up again at like 5 and I feed him and keep him in bed with me then.  It seems like he's always ending up in my bed!
Full disclosure...... he did fall out of bed once and I felt like a terrible mother.
I think Leo fell out once too, but I barely remember.... so soon I'll forget that Houston fell out too, right?

We still need to move our bed out of Houston's room.  I KNOW we'll all sleep better, but our 3rd bedroom (which is actually the master) is FULL of my craft stuff and quite a mess. another full disclosure. ugh.

Ok, other Houston news...
He makes lots of super cute noises. He completely adores his big brother. He is so easy to make laugh. He grabs his toes and it's the most precious thing you've ever seen.

first time in a high chair! 

first food!

first time he sat himself up :) 

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