Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lee and I lately

I do updates about the boys but I haven't given an update about Lee and I lately.

Lee is now a 3rd year resident! PGY3! we're in our last 9 months of residency! Whoa it's actually gone quickly, I can't believe it's almost over.  He is the chief resident and is staying pretty busy, but 3rd year over all has been much better than the first two and we have somewhat of a normal schedule.
It is likely that we'll be doing a global health fellowship next year, but there is a ton involved in that and it isn't official yet so I won't even bother going into it. haha.
After that we definitely plan on staying in Ft Myers.  We really love it here and are ready to buy a house and make it our permanent home!

This is Lee's 3rd season to be the doctor for a local high school football team. He's having a lot of fun with that and I can definitely see that being something we continue doing in the future.

We're both staying really busy with stuff at our church.  For the past year I have been the Sunday School teacher for the College and Career age group and after Houston was born Lee joined me to help teach because you know, I spend half the class nursing Houston typically. haha.  We try to get together with our college group a couple times a month outside of church too.
I help with the youth group on Wednesday nights and we are also apart of a parenting class on Sunday nights and attend Bible study every other Monday night! And Lee plays the drums a lot of Sundays and has lead worship several times to fill in for our worship pastor.
We are so thankful for our church and we love the people there.  It really has become like family! It makes me happy to know that Leo and Houston have so many people of all ages that care about them and that they feel comfortable with.  It takes a village they say.  Our church is a big part of our village for sure.

My MOPS group started back up about a month ago.  I'm a table leader again this year, which really doesn't mean a ton, haha.  I just have to be there and facilitate discussion and send out reminders and stuff.  Our first meetings have been really fun.  We also do moms night outs once a month and playdates.  I have made some really good friends at my MOPS group. I think we had 90 women sign up this year so there is never a shortage of someone to meet at the park or to answer a question I have about something in the area! I love that Leo gets to go hang out with friends for a few hours too.  He calls it going to school. haha

A few weeks ago Leo and I joined a gym by our house too! A gym with childcare! It's amazing! I've been going about 4x a week.  A friend and I go to a class MWF (pilates, abs, and Tai box) and I've been running and lifting weights ?! what! Yeah after baby #2 I definitely felt like I need some help in the muscle and strength department.  Lifting weights is actually pretty fun.  I have no idea what I'm doing... but I'm learning. And I can shower at the gym. That alone is worth the $30 a month, right?
Lee has been going before work in the mornings. He's the best.

And finally I reopened my Etsy store a few weeks ago too!
I had missed doing stuff with my hands.  I love crafting... but I don't love the messes I make all over the house. It's been steady these first few weeks. My garland that I make is by far my best seller, I really need to figure one out that I might be able to sell year round.  Everyone loves the pumpkins!
I am really excited though - I'm doing 2 craft shows in November!  I'm slowly working on extra projects in the evenings to build up some stock to have at the shows. I'm also working on using up all the supplies that I already have.  I.have.so.much.craft.stuff.  I'm starting on some Christmas stuff too.  Last year it got hectic for me and I ended up only making 1 Christmas item. Major fail.  I'm determined to do better this year!

So yeah, we're pretty busy, but I love it. I prefer being busy to staying home a lot... and thankfully thus far Leo and Houston either like it too or they at least put up with me!

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