Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Houston 3 Months!

Wow Houston's 3rd month totally flew by.  The fastest yet by far!
He turned 2 months in Ohio, then we came home to Florida on the 31st and left a couple hours later on a road trip to North Carolina!
He was amazing on the flight - slept or happily laid in my lap the whole way (Leo too!  They make my life easy - seriously).
We were quite brave taking on a 13 hour road trip with a 2.5 (newlyish potty trained) year old and a 2 month old baby... but that's how we are. hahaha  a little bit crazy. I think we go into things like that with low expectations, but wanting to "teach" them how to handle stuff like that.  They both did great!  We split the trip into 2 days, but due to weather and leaving home at 5pm haha, we didn't make it far the first night so day 2 of the trip was a looooong day of driving.  We split it up by stopping in Savannah at a park to let Leo run wild for a bit - definitely recommend that to anyone traveling with a toddler! (I'll talk more about Leo in his 2 and half year post!)
Houston did as you'd expect a tiny baby to do - slept, cried, ate. repeat.  We have a small car so it wasn't possible to for me to sit in the backseat with them, which definitely would have helped - especially when I was trying to get Houston to take a pacifier with my arm twisted behind me in the most uncomfortable position.  At the end of the 2nd day Houston was OVER the car and cried a lot. It was so sad and frustrating.  We had to stop a lot and calm him down, my poor baby.  He doesn't really like the pacifier so the only thing that'd work was nursing him and hoping he'd fall asleep.
Once we got  to Aunt Amber's though everything was fine and he was back to his happy, content little self and slept great!

We had a great week with Amber, Torrey, and our new 5 month old nephew Theo!
Houston had his first ride on a boat in the ocean, went to an awesome aquarium, and spent lots of time with me lounging on Amber's amazing back deck with the most beautiful back yard and trees. North Carolina is gorgeous!

The ride home was much, much better!  Houston took the pacifier a little bit better which helped tremendously.

The the rest of the month flew by! We were home just hanging out a lot.
We did a Batman and Robin photoshoot, went to the zoo, went swimming a lot (teaching Leo to swim!), and just enjoyed this happy little baby of ours!

Houston is playing with toys a lot more - batting on the things hanging above his play mat.  He listens intently when Leo talks to him and it's so precious.
He's laughing out loud and smiling all day long.

He loves his swing, the playmat, and sitting up on the couch with us and listening to books or watching Leo play.

His longest stretch of sleep is still about 7 hours, but most nights he only wakes up once or maybe twice!  I have no complaints about his sleep at all! He even sleeps in in the mornings (8:30-9) and gives Leo and I a little bit of time to hang out just the two us and have our breakfast.
This month we are transitioning from the swaddle.  He loved being swaddled and I think if I could still swaddle him well he'd be sleeping like 10 hours probably! but he breaks out of it and is right on the verge of rolling over and that is a big no no for swaddling!  So he's currently in like a sleep sack with his arms free.  It was a rough couple nights after we stopped the swaddle.... but I started putting him in a long sleeved, footie sleeper and he's sleeping much better like that vs just a onsie.  I think he likes a little weight and warmth to feel safe and soothed.

I'm trying to make sure he takes his long afternoon nap in his crib.  He and Leo nap in the afternoon at the same time - something I really hope continues because I have like 2 hours every afternoon to get stuff done - or do NOTHING!
Otherwise he naps in the morning around 10:30 or so and sometimes it's in the swing or in his carrier or stroller if we're out - which we are a lot of mornings.  And he takes a little cat nap, almost always in the swing while I'm cooking dinner around 5:30.  Then goes to bed for the night at about 8.

He went to the doctor at 2.5 months and weighed 15lbs 4 oz! and was 26.5 inches long!  He was 86th percentile for weight and 99th for height!  I have tall babies!

He's wearing all 6 month clothes with some 6-9 months!  He moved up to size 3 diapers!  and we made the switch to cloth finally!! I kept putting it off because we had been gifted so many disposable diapers (amazing! thank you!) and I just hadn't put him in cloth - even though they were folded and ready directly under the changing  table beside the disposable - lol.
When he switched to size 3 and that was our last case of disposables I said ok, I'm gonna make this case last and started cloth. It's really so so easy to do cloth, especially if you stay home a lot or just do quick trips out.  We put him in disposable for bedtime and when we go to church or MOPS - which reminds me - we had an open house for my MOPS group and I had to help out and so I put Houston in the nursery for the first time about a week ago! He's such a laid back baby - as long as he's fed he's totally fine to just hang out with someone in the rocker or in a bouncy seat.  I didn't put Leo in the nursery until he was probably 6 months old!

Picture roll of my sweet happy boy

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