Thursday, March 3, 2016

Leo is TWO!

My sweet little tiny 8lb, 21 inch babe is now a whopping 33lbs, 38 inch toddler!! He's so tall!  I'm a little glad that he is finally 2 so people will stop looking at me like I'm insane when I say he's not yet two.  Now all they get is 2 and they're satisfied for the most part. haha

I just started a new label for the blog - Leo year 3.  We're embarking on his 3rd year. What?!

I feel like I pretty much covered all the highlights of Leo's personality and development in the 23 month post.  Not a ton of change in the past 3 weeks, haha.  Although I swear he learns something new every single day.  He's learning where all our family is from (Ohio, Canada, and Florida mostly) and working on his numbers.
He's a pro at the number 2 now since we got him a giant #2 helium balloon for his birthday pictures.
Today at the car dealership we were reading a newspaper and I was quizzing him on his letters and numbers and it said 2016 really big and he said - number 2! Octopus, 1, and ummmmmmm what's that.  He's so precious! He said octopus for 0 :):) I don't even use the word octopus when I go over the letter O with him, but it is on a puzzle we have so he's clearly paying attention!

I have a whole list of cute things he's said lately that I'll do a post about soon.  I'm keeping a running note on my phone. lol  He's so inquisitive and observant.  It blows my mind.  And he has a great sense of humor!
Clearly I'm obsessed with this kid, but I just love being his mom.

Highlights around Leo's 2nd birthday would be that he spent 3 entire nights and about 4 days away from Lee and I while we went on the residency retreat cruise!
I was so nervous about leaving him, but knew my mom would take great care of him.  He did so well.  He really is amazingly adaptable. Mom said the first night at bedtime he kept asking - is Mommy coming? And then he woke up in the middle of the night (which isn't very typical) but after that he was completely fine for the rest of the weekend!
Lee and I had a great time relaxing on the cruise ship, going to karaoke every night with the other residents and laughing until our sides hurt, and eating way way too much.  We spent one afternoon in Nassau - which Lee and I had both been to before so we just did a quick walk around and got Leo and my mom a souvenir and then headed back the pool deck of the ship.  Then we spent the day at Royal Caribbean's island Coco Cay laying in the sun.  It was so nice, but I don't think cruises are necessarily my ideal vacation.  I'm more of an adventurer and cruising is definitely convenience travel.  I'd rather go to a different country and just be there.  But when I'm offered a super cheap (and free for Lee) cruise, I'll be there! haha

The day after we returned from the cruise my mom, Leo, and I headed up to Orlando and spent two days at Disney!! Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  It was so much fun!  These annual passes to Disney have been so great!  We've definitely got our money's worth already and I'm hoping to go a couple more times before baby and then this fall with all 4 of us!

Leo's actual birthday, February 25th, we actually spent the entire day at home.  He had Batman cereal for breakfast, watched a Batman tv show, painted, helped decorate, then once Daddy got home from work, not until 7 pm... :( we had pizza, cake, ice cream, and presents!

We got Leo Magformers for Christmas, but then I found a great deal on the train table so I decided to keep the Magformers for his birthday.  They are so much fun! Basically they're plastic and magnetic shapes that you build with.  Lee and I both like playing with them too!  I already want more! haha I think they'll keep him entertained once baby brother is here too!

The day after Leo's Birthday we had to say goodbye to Lee for a week while he went on a medical mission trip to Honduras!  It was a very busy week for us! But that's exactly how I like it!

Pictures - thank you thank you thank you to my friend Amber for helping me edit these pictures after I text her feeling discouraged and complaining about how awful they turned out.  She saved them!

Happy 2nd Birthday my Leo!!!

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